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The decision to workout

It’s been quite wisely stated that on average, it simply takes doing something 3 times to form a habit. While we commonly associate habits with bad things, there are certainly such things as good habits. If you really want to get in shape (or back into shape), it takes more than just hopping on a treadmill. First, make the decision, second make a plan and third, work the plan.

Investing in yourself

Let’s be perfectly honest, buying a $2,500 fitness bike, treadmill or climber isn’t a good decision for everyone. However, if you’ve made a decision to workout and are ready to hold yourself to it, such a purchase can be incredibly empowering in terms of developing a routine and efficiently managing your schedule.

Understanding proteins & supplements

To be perfectly clear, to have lasting fitness results, you need to actually put in the work required and build healthy habits routinely. In other words, it’s a lifestyle change (or modification). Any amount of protein or various types of supplements are going straight down the toilet unless you’re putting in the effort to build muscle and or burn fat. If however, you’re seeking an edge, we cover protein and supplements in great detail.

everything workout all in one place

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