We are slowly becoming heath nuts and are on a mission to help consumers navigate the world of getting in shape.

The global fitness industry generates over $80 Billion per year. Of which, $30 Billion is attributed to America. The point is, as Americans, we spend a ton of money on fitness related products and services as a whole.

Thus, the fitness industry is constantly flooded with the latest and the greatest equipment and tools all aimed at helping you get in better shape.

The Fight Foundry is geared towards not only dissecting the latest fitness fads and crazes, but digging deep into providing actual helpful information to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Will that creatine shake help you achieve your goals in any way shape or form? Do I need a thousand dollar machine to get back into shape? Am I suddenly going to get into riding bikes long distance? Am I eating the right things to get into shape? Do I need to completely alter my diet to get fit?

We do our very best to dive deep into some of the most commonly asked fitness related questions and provide logical and data driven answers.

This is to ensure that you have a clear defined plan and high level of knowledge to achieve your fitness goals. All without wasting time, energy or money.