Upgraded Bulletproof Coffee is blowing up! We have been using it in single use KCups for the better part of a year now, but this week we’ve seen Bulletproof Coffee everywhere… Fox News even put out an article earlier today (12/17/14) adding to the hype behind Bulletproof Coffee mixed with unsalted & grass-fed butter. The claims are that this mixture can help with weight loss as well as of course your energy level (minus the usual coffee or caffeine crash). The science behind mostly approved claims begins with (drum roll please) Bulletproof Coffee Beans. The key is not using just using any coffee beans, but premium cured beans that are grown and processed in a manner that keeps pesky toxins at bay.

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It all started with being featured on Uncrate, which is a popular website that features awesome products geared toward men. It’s a high, high volume blog, with an iPhone app, and millions of monthly visitors and subscribers. From there we saw thousands of tweets, instagram shots and Facebook posts about people that are loving Bulletproof Coffee and particularly, how to make the perfect cup. Great to see an innovative product finally get some well-deserved internet love!

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Review

bulletproof coffee review
It all starts with the beans. Bulletproof beans are beyond organic. They come from a grower in Guatemala who’s family farm is located almost 1,300 feet above sea level. They treat their beans as if they are royalty. Not letting chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides, anywhere near the plants. Once ready, the beans are processed and then shipped to and roasted by the United States #1 coffee bean roaster, under the absolute most strict conditions. Bulletproof beans are then coated with MCT Oil, which has been proven to improve memory and cognition while naturally promoting the burning of fat. What does your current coffee do?

I personally drank the same coffee as my dad in my early twenties. That wretched and cheap stuff that commonly features stalks and dirt, I think it was Folgers… We we’re poor, so it was a delicacy at the time. However, as I begin to actually produce money, like 99% of the rest of the coffee consuming North American Continent, I started on Starbucks and other retail brands. For the better part of 7 years, I spent an outrageous amount of money on coffee and energy drinks to give me the ‘pep’ I needed to start my day or keep it going. Over time, the body becomes use to consuming large amounts of caffeine, leading to a vicious cycle of drinking even more in hopes of an energy breakthrough. Which wouldn’t be all that bad if everyday didn’t result in intense highs and equally intense lows from the caffeine/sugar crash that inevitably followed…

I found Bulletproof Coffee initially on Uncrate and dove into some light research before ultimately making a purchase from Onnit.com. Quickly becoming obsessed with the natural flavor of the premium beans, I decided to push the envelope further which was about the same time that Dave Asprey, ‘The Bulletproof Exec’, started pitching mixing grass-fed butter into your cup of joe. While Upgraded Bulletproof Coffee was initially designed to be consumed ‘black’, it’s become mainstream to add grass-fed butter to the mix. On it’s own, Bulletproof Coffee provides a full bodied slightly sweet caramel taste. With the addition of grass-fed butter (not to be mistaken for any cheap butter you have lying around in your fridge door), this coffee beverage is literally the best tasting I’ve ever had in my entire life, including being compared to any crazy mixture of ingredients that you might order at say Starbucks. I’ve even taken it one step further and have been adding a few other ingredients on occasion as well. I like to add a teaspoon of Onnit Coconut Oil every day of the week and even a tablespoon or two of EGN when I feel extra out of shape or unhealthy… (Read our full Earth Grown Nutrients Review to learn more.)

No matter how you brew your Bulletproof Coffee, it tastes amazing, even for coffee snobs. The beans are all natural and roasted to perfection, pure coffee bliss. So you can have your TPC in the morning (read our full Total Primate Care Review to learn more) with some Bulletproof Coffee and you can couple your evening supplements with your Onnit Chocolate Snacks. Onnit has your everyday routine covered!

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