What You Won’t Find in ChocoFree

ChocoFree Chocolate is a delicious yet healthy snack that will satisfy every bit of your sweet tooth without making you feel bad… How is that possible? ChocoFree Metabolate is 100% dairy free, sugar free, low in calories as well as low in fat. Just producing an all natural chocolate that tastes great and is sugar and dairy free would be amazing. But, by now we know that Onnit is never satisfied with just producing a great product. With Onnit, it’s all about optimal products!

What You Will Find in ChocoFree

healthy chocolate
Onnit took their chocolate formula and added three proven metabolism boosting nutrients: green coffee bean extract, capsaicin, and chromium polynicotinate. The truth behind the formula is that, while getting these nutrients will definitely improve your diet, it will never be a complete replacement for exercising and eating right. What this chocolate really is, is an answer to the part of your day that ruins your diet.

It’s 9:30, you’re watching TV, unwinding from a long day and those cravings start to kick in. Everything you worked on today can go down the drain as fast as you pick up a bag of chips or reach for the ice cream. Instead, simply grab a handful of ChocoFree and slowly snack on it for the next 30 minutes. By the time it’s gone, the craving is gone, and you have the piece of mind that you got your sweet fix without having to eat sugar, dairy or load up on empty calories.

Are you a chocolate addict that loves mocha coffee occasionally? Try dropping a small portion of ChocoFree into your BulletProof Coffee in the morning and jump-start your day the way it should be!

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