What is Onnit Academy?

Onnit Academy is really a website separate from from the Onnit store itself. Two things are glaringly obvious when you take a look at the original Onnit Labs website: First, Onnit’s products are innovative, unique and derive from only the highest quality ingredients. Second, Onnit’s website is definitely much more modern and user friendly than the standard supplement website.

One thing that we made note the first time that we visited the Onnit website was that they had a lot of resources, instructional videos, interviews, testimonials, etc… and, while they were organized by product, they could have been combined into a ‘hub’ to really act as a resource to visitors.

At the time of writing this article, Onnit Academy is still in it’s Beta Phase, but what resources have been made available are phenomenal. Onnit’s different fitness products are certainly unconventional and a lot of athletes that just work out in a gym setting aren’t familiar with SteelBells or Kettle Bell workouts or Battle Ropes. What the Onnit Academy does is provide a resource for those individuals to not only learn how to work out with these unconventional tools, but to realize the benefits of working out in these unconventional ways.

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Knowledge is Power
It’s one thing to say working out with KettleBells is superior to working out with Dumbbells, it’s a totally different thing to have an article written by an expert explaining why it’s different and the benefits you get by using bells. When it comes to fitness, it doesn’t matter if you are an expert or beginner, the more you know the better off you are. You can improve your workout, recovery and diet everyday simply by taking the time to learn something new.

Form At A Glance – Success is in the details…
When it comes to any exercise utilizing free weights, kettlebells, battle ropes, etc… form is king. It’s the small details in your form that allow you to safely maximize your workout. Onnit has a great page called ‘Form at a Glance’ that gives you extremely detailed instructions for a wide variety of workouts. They show you how your grip should look, what angle your arms should be in, and where your focus should be during each rep.

Ask a Pro
This is a super cool feature of the Academy. On the ask a pro page, you can post and find answers to questions for Onnit’s team of experts. Things like ‘When should I take Creatine, or what type of creatine should I take’ are answered here. It’s a great resource for getting definitive answers to questions that you’d only trust an expert on.

Subscribe to the Academy
We strongly recommend subscribing to the Academy page to receive articles daily to your inbox. This falls in the ‘learn something new everyday’ category. Onnit makes it easy and keeps it interesting by providing a variety of authors, covering a variety of topics from everything from exercises and tips to supplements and diet. We subscribe and look forward to reading the latest from Onnit everyday.

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