Meditating while on Onnit Alpha Brain is total tranquility. For some of you, this will seem a bit of a stretch and for others who have experienced some form of meditation it will seem like a ‘eureka’ concept. I’m going to write this article assuming that my readers are completely oblivious to meditation but can at least consider the idea of reaching peace of mind if only for an hour or so in their hectic weekly schedule. The thesis for this article is simple, meditation is the act of reaching peace of mind through concentrating on nothing (the act of just being) and Alpha Brain enhances cognitive brain function to achieve greater focus on whatever is being observed. (Learn the traditional benefits and effects of using Alpha Brain in our Full Alpha Brain Review.) Thus, I decided to personally try meditating while on Alpha Brain. My theory was that it would be easier to reach ‘nothingness’ or to completely clear my head. Throughout the rest of this article you will learn about my findings in this pursuit.

Meditation is not a new subject, it has been around for thousands of years and has been practiced by many different types of people. Whether it was a religious, cultural or philosophical practice, man has been trying to get ‘peace of mind’ since the beginning of time. For most people however, meditation is not easy and takes an immense amount of time to master/experience. The core of meditation is reaching a different mode of consciousness. A mode of consciousness that eliminates every thought or worry in the past, present or future and that places you in a state of being in the now. A state of being in the exact second and minute of space and time, a state of being in the moment. While meditation is often overly romanticized into some sort of mystical experience, it’s everyday benefits are real and a certain degree of meditation can be reached by anyone.

Alpha BRAIN by OnnitI started my pursuit of perfecting deep meditation after taking a mandatory Hatha Yoga class in college. Before that yoga class, I was a total skeptic about the entire concept of yoga and meditation. But, I kept an open mind and decided to give my fantastic yoga instructor the respect that she deserved. I admit, being a ‘dude’ in a yoga class comprised mostly of women was a little weird and awesome at the same time. The first week was a bit embarrassing as it was a lot of stretching and poses which are meant to of course release stress, be good maintenance for you body and ‘get your chi up’. I stuck it out though and I’m glad I did because the following week was the introduction of guided full body meditations/massages. Our instructor asked us to lay down flat on our backs in a comfortable position. She turned off the lights, asked us to close our eyes, focus on our breath and let our minds go as she played very soothing nature music lightly in the background. She then proceeded to gently and very peacefully talk in a guided body scan fashion. She started at our toes and worked her way up our entire body. She would say, ‘check in with your toes, wiggle them around, notice each one, how it feels, if it needs attention, how the muscle feels, how the bone feels and so on’. This may seem silly, but it was incredibly relaxing and truly transformative. I actually looked forward to these sessions every single day and craved them when the class finished. I would walk out of those sessions feeling completely relaxed, with a blank slate of a mind frame and feeling completely rejuvenated energy wise.

While I had no inclination to become a ‘Yogi’, I could not get over how amazing those meditative full body scans were and I had to research them more on my own to try to replicate it in some way, shape or form. This eventually led me to deep meditation as it is in fact something that can be done alone. I found that by listening to a guided meditation session on youtube I could experience the same benefits of increased energy and mental focus as I was via my yoga class in college. There are of course a number of guided meditation and general meditation videos on youtube that are pure garbage and frankly annoying. However, I’ve had the best results with the guided meditation video below.

You will of course notice that the narrator provides an in-depth story about cosmic energy and the body’s power points. I’m not concerned in believing in or not believing in what he is preaching, I simply look at it as a way to reach a deeper state of meditation and essentially to access another state of consciousness. I’ve had to absolute best results by playing this video on my laptop at the foot of my bed and laying flat on my back listening to the instructions provided. Usually, I am drifting away by the first 15-20 minutes of the video and often experience vivid dreams of reality and being. Most importantly though, when I awake after these sessions, I am so re-energized I feel like 1 hour of this deep meditation is the equivalent of an entire night of actual good normal sleep. I like to do this when I get home from work around 7:00 or so, which allows me to spend my evening with acute clarity and energy to focus on my many different projects and ideas that I have going on.

After doing this for over a year, I eventually found Onnit and got intrigued by all of their supplements and unconventional training methods. One thing led to another and I decided that I’d put their Alpha Brain Nootropic to the test by using it to induce a deeper level of meditation. According to Onnit, Alpha Brain is designed to increase your mental acuity, focus and general sharpness on whatever you maybe observing. Thus, my mission was to see what effects Alpha Brain would have on reaching a deep state of meditation. My theory was that it would either increase the speed and overall experience of being in a deem meditative state or decrease it, essentially making it impossible to clear my head and allow me to drift into a deep state of consciousness.

Meditating while using Alpha Brain is a great experience and I continue use it before meditating a few times every week. Essentially, Alpha Brain’s effects on a meditative mind are the same as on a normal state mind. (Read our Full Alpha Brain Review to learn more about it’s traditional benefits and effects.) Rather than being razor sharp to focus on task oriented issues or assignments however, meditating with Alpha Brain first impacts the speed in which I am able to fall into a deep meditative state. I have noticed about a 50% increase in the amount of time it takes me to reach my first meditative phase. Secondly, the visions or dreams that I experience are more vivid and concepts are revealed more clearly. (Often times, visions are presented in meditation, similar to the dream state.) I’ve also noticed that I’m able to retain a larger portion of the vision or dream from meditation upon waking. Essentially, Alpha Brain takes the entire concept of meditation and puts it into hyper drive. It should also be known that Alpha Brain typically accentuates your inner thoughts or beliefs while meditating, so if you are having positive thoughts you’ll have positive visions in your meditation, if you are harboring negative thoughts, you’ll likely have negative visions while meditating with Alpha Brain.

Meditating To Get Rid of Stress

The most common reason for people researching meditation in today’s day and age is stress relief. Most people think of stress relief and they immediately associate to some sort of large event or happening such as stress in relationships and work. However, I would argue that we are being stressed every single day perhaps subconsciously through evolving technology and our generation’s general ‘connected-ness’. Call it the information age, the digital age or the social media age, in our generation, our minds are constantly at work and it’s becoming ever more important to alleviate the incredible amount of stress that we’re putting our brains through. In fact, a growing trend among innovative corporations is to hire therapists to help employees with relaxation, meditation and exercise even while at work. The bottom line is that meditation is a phenomenal natural remedy that we can all utilize to relieve all sorts of everyday stresses. However, there is a significant difference between relaxing with your eyes closed in a dark room for 10 minutes and reaching a completely different state of being on a conscious level.

Common Meditation Techniques, Problems and Solutions

For some people, if they could even have the time to close their eyes for 10-20 minutes to relax in an 8 hr workday, they would be on cloud nine. For others, they think this is all hearsay and don’t want to waste their precious time. I’m thinking there’s another section of the population that knows the power of meditation and is searching for ways to help them in their quest for reaching deep meditation. If I can give you one hint about learning how to meditate, I would say that’s it’s all about the breath. Learn and train your mind to do nothing but focus on the breath. By focusing on your own breathing, your able to center you mind on one subject and slowly allow it to drift as you experience your body naturally stepping in to expand and contract your lungs. The key is the breath.

If your a complete newbie to meditation but are interested in learning more, we suggest watching the video found closer to the top of this page. After you’ve experienced a meditative state a few times, we suggest experimenting meditation with Alpha Brain. It’s ingredients are made to provide mental clarity and the nootropic frankly adds a whole other dimension to the concept of meditation. You’ll be able to sink deeper into state and accomplish it faster than you ever had before. Over time, you’ll also notice that your ability to retain the information found while meditating is greatly increased.

Common Meditation Problems & Solutions

  • Not Enough Time – Here’s the thing, you do have the time, you just choose to not utilize it. For anyone who claims that they don’t have the time, your solution is to use the time before you go to sleep. At first it will simply be an aid to help you sleep. Overtime, if you are diligent in your techniques, you’ll understand the power of meditation and how much more energized you are when you wake up. Soon, you will understand the true benefits that meditation brings to your life and you’ll schedule other things around it.
  • Can’t Clear Mind – Clearing your mind is the key and it’s also incredibly tricky to achieve, especially with the crazy amount of information that fills our brain everyday. In fact the thought of clearing your mind in itself is a thought and is essentially not going to help you. If you are thinking hard about clearing your mind, you might as well think hard about stress and relationships and work, the idea is to rather think of nothing and just be. The best way to achieve this is through focusing on your own breath.
  • Can’t Feel Anything – First of all, your not suppose to ‘feel’ anything. Secondly, the ultimate benefits of deep meditation are clarity when you wake up and feeling more energized. Stop trying to hard and start concentrating on the present moment via your breath. Don’t constantly observe or monitor your thoughts, instead, just be and let your mind sink deep into it’s own path.

The bottom line is that it takes patience and practice to perfect the art of deep meditation. When you are first starting out, it will take a long time to reach even the outskirts of ‘nothingness’. Also, it will be common for you to experience interesting dreams as well as general states of mind and not remember how you achieved this level of meditation. However, over time and of course with patience and practice you can indeed learn your exact path to reaching these other states of being in relatively quick time-frames. Overall, I’ve had an incredible time experimenting with Alpha Brain while meditating and will continue using it on a weekly basis to sink deeper and deeper into my meditative states.

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