Gi’s are traditional martial arts uniforms that date back hundreds of years. We know that the Gi originated out of Asia, the birthplace of martial arts itself. Gi’s have subsequently made their way around the globe and have since been adopted as a somewhat sacred part of the roots of the particular martial art being practiced. While Gi’s are certainly a staple in a number of different specific practices, we see Gi’s most predominantly in popular martial arts such as Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.

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As MMA or mixed martial arts continues to grow, we are seeing a number of BJJ or brazilion jiu-jitsu practitioners adopt to the traditional roots of the art and thus train in gi’s and often at least walk out to the octagon wearing their respective gi, belt (to symbolize rank) and patches. Perhaps most famously, BJJ master Royce Gracie, wore his gi during the first ever UFC event in November 1993. It’s well documented that Royce’s mission was to make it known that BJJ was the best martial art in the world by winning the then 8 man tournament style UFC event. Gracie proceeded to wear his gi, no gloves and submit all of his opponents and win the $50,000 1st place prize.

onnit gi sizing chartSince that time, BJJ has rapidly spread around the world and is one of the top 3 components of MMA. As MMA continues to evolve and more people begin to practice a number of martial arts, essentially growing their MMA profile, the gi is no doubt making it’s way into the mainstream. Gi’s however are not something that you can purchase at your local mall. Gi’s are meant to be incredibly function and mainly durable. Gi’s are meant to no tear and to be comfortable to wear. It’s not surprising that Onnit has partnered with Lucky Gi to produce some of the most innovative gi’s ont he market today. Onnit Gi’s by Lucky Gi are not your ‘run of the mill’ types of uniforms. Rather than construct them from typical cotton, polyester or even duck canvas, Onnit Gi’s by Lucky Gi are made from 100% Bamboo, which is perhaps the very best material that could possibly be used. Onnit Bamboo Gi’s are lightweight yet incredibly strong, are able to transform on a fiber level to either cool the body during hot environments or warm the body in cold environments. Not only that, but the bamboo material actually does wonders at actually absorbing sweat and deodorizing at the same time. The Onnit Gi also comes with a free gi travel bag for free, which is a nice touch.

Onnit Gi Testimonials

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“I’ve had a number of gi’s in my day. Most of them were uncomfortable or when they were comfortable they tore easily, leaving me high and dry. At least with Onnit’s Gi, I know I have a 1 year warranty!”
Loren Mikulski – Hooter’s Gym

“I’m new to MMA and needed a gi to take my BJJ more seriously and really start progressing my skills and rank up the ladder. I purchased Onnit’s Gi and while I don’t have much to compare it to, I absolutely love it! I feel comfortable and respectable in it.”
Collin Reynolds

“Leave it to Onnit to give me exactly what I’m looking for. Not only is this Gi extremely durable, but it feels so lightweight and it’s just flat out stylish, not that style matters in this subject, but I feel good in it!”
Mark Kraus