Don’t show up at the gym with some ‘willy nilly’ gear bag. Chances are your gear is expensive, it’s obviously important or you wouldn’t be toting it around with you from gym to gym. Give your gear the respect it deserves with an Onnit Hemp Gear Bag! Onnit has partnered with Datsusara to produce a truly Primal line of fantastic gear bags all centered around innovative/stylish looks and of course rigid functionality. The Onnit Hemp Gear Bag is made from 100% hemp canvas and as always, is made to withstand a the beating that you will no doubt put it through. Datsusara is notorious for making products and gear that is similar to even military standards. Let’s get one thing straight, this isn’t some cheap and poorly constructed Jansport, Dunlop or Spaulding Gear Bag, this is meant to last year after year, only breaking in and getting more character over time.

onnit backpacksDatsusara is a growing company out of Portland Oregon and was established in 2007 by Chris Odell. Founded on the principle of making high quality and functional gear specifically for MMA fighters and other adrenaline seekers, Datsusara is truly specialized at what they do. Datsusara, like Onnit itself is a company that thrives to bring green products to life in the most innovative and functional ways possible. The name Datsusara is Japanese in origin and literally means to leave the corporate lifestyle. It’s no wonder why Onnit sought Datsusara out to make a line of Onnit Gear Bags, the companies thrive from the same values. Datsusara offers a full range of MMA products and gear. It’s not absurd to think that Onnit will occasionally outsource future gear to Datsusara as well. Perhaps, in the near future, Datsusara will get the credit that they deserve in constructing such quality products.

It’s also worth pointing out that Onnit has also partnered with Datsusara in producing the Onnit Primal Backpack (link in image to the left). So whether your a fan of the duffle bag or backpack, Onnit has you covered. Also, you will receive a free laundry type small but cool and functional bag when purchasing either Hemp Bag. If you haven’t already done so, make this a priority on your MMA gear of things to get. It’s often overlooked but as always Onnit brings MMA functionality in front of our eyes. Each back is of course meticulously constructed with the finest of products including hemp!

Onnit Gear Bag Testimonials

onnit gear bag specs and logos

“I’ve torn through at least 10 bags over the past few years. I’m happy to finally have something tough to hold all my gear. I know by the feel of this material that it’s going to last for a long long time.”
Mike King – Kingbury’s Gym

“I was actually thinking about finding some sort of military type of bag. Then I came across this bag and fell in love with it!”
Drew Reinhold

“I literally have everything else Onnit makes so why not have a sweet bag to tote it around in, lol…”
Mike Shefke

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