Have an eye for beautiful things in general? Perhaps you can recognize beauty in even typically non-beauty subjects… One thing is for sure, the Onnit Quad Mace is a beautifully designed and built piece of unconventional workout equipment. Not only is the Onnit Quad Mace beautiful to look at, but it’s as always incredibly functional in workouts as it has been painstakingly balanced for total optimization.

Interestingly enough, the name Quad Mace was coined from the Quad God which comes predominately from the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Specifically, Quad God represents the unification of wisdom traditions in the 4 cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. The design itself come from a well known artist and Church of Mirrors advocate, Alex Grey. Alex is most known for his paintings in which depict multiple dimensions of reality. Being inline with Onnit’s open, natural and unassuming methods and business model, the Quad Mace is no ordinary mace. It’s designed to be on a whole other level in terms of looks and functionality.

Onnit Quad Mace Personal Review

onnit quad mace personal review

Let’s talk about workout rooms or gyms. I personally have a small/medium sized room in my home dedicated as my gym. I treat my workout space with respect so when I’m there, I push myself to achieve maximum results. I believe the place you workout should be as perfectly setup as possible this includes not only the aesthetics of the room, but of the equipment. After all, if your just pissed off at the place you workout or don’t feel comfortable, you most likely won’t be returning soon or at least on a regular basis. Call it zen like or more appropriately perhaps, feng shui, the place that you workout should have more meaning to you than just a place with weights or space to exercise.

onnit quad mace savings

As soon as the Onnit Quad Mace came out, I pounced all over it. I’m starting to think of working out in a completely other way since I’ve been introduced to Onnit’s Unconventional Training methods and techniques. Frankly the more unconventional exercises that Onnit can conjure up, the better in my opinion. There’s something very powerful about Onnit’s unconventional training. It’s more about total body tuning and awareness which is something that I’ve been craving since my first ‘good’ yoga class and instructor. When I work out with my Quad Mace, I do it in a way that is balanced. When I am done, I feel like meditating or something. Albeit, a bit weird and unnatural at first, after a few sessions, you really understand how unconventional training can help you physically and maybe even more so, mentally. I don’t personally use my Quad Mace in any type of striking or slamming. I use it mostly for balance and tuning muscles that don’t often get the attention they deserve. Besides it’s great functionality, it looks phenomenal in my space and gives it a certain vibe that I love to train in and get more out of myself with.

Onnit Quad Mace Workout

onnit quad mace workouts

To me, it’s all about balance. One of the most overlooked factors in any sports related workout is in fact balance. The age old theory is that some people were born with good balance and some were not. Thus, you either have it or you don’t. I’ve always had good balance in all physical activities, it surely explains my success as a running back as well as my vision. However, in my opinion a certain level of balance can be learned and essentially absorbed via muscle memory. After all, Onnit is all about total human optimization and I think that balance is part of that discussion.

Some may think of the Quad Mace as a purely decoration type piece and frankly it does look amazing. However, the Onnit Quad Mace is a perfect and amazing piece of equipment to not only increase muscle endurance and toning in an unconventional way, but to increase your balance. Sure, many people think of balance as it relates to one’s feet and their lateral movement, however, I would argue that maintaining full body balance is the goal and can be found via working out with the Onnit Quad Mace.

Quad Mace Muscle Endurance & Balance Workout:

It’s important to point out that it does take some time to get use to the size and shape of the Quad Mace, thus improving your muscle endurance and balance in the process. The idea is that while your muscle endurance and strength have a max or roof that can be reached, your ability to improve balancing such an object can constantly be honed.

One Arm Curl Flips- (As seen briefly in the video below at seconds 0:13 – 0:20) While there is certainly a number of fancy things that can be done with the Onnit Quad Mace, the most useful method of exercising with this unconventional tool is what we are fantastically coining ‘one arm curl flips’. After you have some familiarity with the Mace, grab it with one hand at the top 3rd of the wooden handle, have the head should be facing the ground and curl upwards with one arm. As your bringing your arm up in a curling motion, release the Mace to shortly catch the head near your shoulder with the same hand. Proceed to throw the Mace back down only to catch the handle at the same place you started. After a little practice, you’ll be able to form a solid rhythm and you’ll notice what an incredible shoulder, bicep and forearm workout the Onnit Quad Mace provides. Not to mention that amazing balance that you’ll naturally be developing along the way.

Onnit Quad Mace Testimonials

“I purely bought the Onnit Quad Mace because I think it looks killer and love how it fits in with my other unconventional fitness equipment by Onnit, namely the cool kettlebells.”
Jimmy Latin

“I love how balanced and well constructed Onnit’s Quad Mace is and I fully intend on researching the old ways Persian’s used to workout with these man sticks.”
Matthew Bridges