This week Onnit rolled out some brand new gear with some really sweet looking tank tops, a redesigned 3-in-1 shaker and some heavier kettle bells. All three products are made with the normal Onnit level of quality, which is off the charts and of course built to last! Check some of their more recent products below. As always, we like to make known that our favorite Onnit products are indeed their supplements. Head on over to our Alpha Brain Review to learn more about our number 1 favorite supplement and Onnit’s flagship product!

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Onnit Primal Tanks

If you haven’t seen the all new Onnit tanks, then take a minute to head over to the Onnit gear page and take a look at these. They are perfect for your summer workouts, look amazing, and are made of the highest quality material. To be exact, they are a cotton ringer tank DT1500 by District Clothing. Every tank sports a tab on the bottom of the top with the Onnit icon, the Onnit Fit logo printed on the back, and Onnit’s original artwork screen printed on the front.

Onnit has done a great job of making their gear much affordable than it originally was, and much more affordable than their competition. These tanks are a great value at $17.95, we promise you will get your value out of it this summer.


Onnit 3-In-1 Shaker

The Onnit 3-in-1 shaker combines a BPA Free 25 ounce shaker with two storage compartments and a strainer to create the perfect workout shaker. The strainer obviously helps to mix your drink. The bottom compartment is for storing you powder, whatever it is (hopefully Hemp Force or Earth Grown Nutrients). The top compartment is perfect for additional supplements, i.e. Alpha Brain or a couple Shroom TECH Sports. It is the perfect tag along shaker for the gym, they have thought of everything with this one.

New Heavier Kettlebells

Onnit Primal Bells
Onnit is quickly gaining a reputation as being one of the best kettlebell manufactures in the fitness world. This week they added two new bells to their standard kettlebell collection, a 44 and a 48 bell has been added to their collection. This brings Onnit’s total collection of kettlebell and combinations up to 34 different choices.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Onnit’s kettlebell quality level, take a minute to check out our Onnit Kettlebell review. A quick synopsis, they are some of, if not the highest quality kettlebells on the market today. We use them in our workouts every single day, and they have become a staple of our unconventional workout routine.