onnit 180 recovery review 2016Special Note Regarding Onnit’s 180: Onnit 180 has been discontinued. If in fact you’re looking for the benefits that Onnit 180 provided, we’d urge you to check out our Onnit Alpha Brain Review and Onnit Total Primate Care Review. Additionally, Onnit offers the new ‘Onnit Alpha Brain Instant’, (which we plan on reviewing soon) that could act as a solid recovery option as 180 did.

Onnit 180 – Product Overview

Onnit describes it’s 180 as being a recovery drink. It is actually a blend of the best that Alpha Brain, Shroom TECH and New Mood have to offer. Onnit has become known for creating great products from great ingredients, but this was really their first product that was created from their other products. Let’s look specifically at how each of these ingredients play a role in 180’s effectiveness.

It doesn’t matter what you’re recovering from: travel, excessive work or partying, or if you’re just feeling down and dragging… The brain is where everything starts and ends. You aren’t focused, you feel foggy and slow. Alpha BRAIN combats all of these feelings and works to increase mental acuity. (Red our Full Alpha Brain Review to learn more.)

Vitamin B12 from Shroom Tech Sport:
When Onnit says that B12 is a natural non-stimulant way to help your body ‘modulate circadian rhythm’ what they are really saying is that: if you need to be awake while your body wants to sleep, methylcobalamin (B12) is the best way to do it. (Read our Full Shroom Tech Sport Review to learn more.)

5-HTP (From New Mood):
5-HTP is a scientifically proven to help your body generate strong levels of natural serotonin. Forget about nerves and stress and focus on what is really important. It’s one of the primary ingredients in Onnit New MOOD, one of Onnit’s best selling supplements. (Read our Full Onnit New MOOD Review to learn more.)

New Ingredients:
Some of Onnit 180’s new ingredients include alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract, ashwagandha, and sodium bicarbanate. It’s also packed with electrolytes to help fuel your recovery.

We are advocates of each of these products separately, but do use 180 anytime our schedule becomes particularly demanding or stressful. The 180 formula works so quickly, especially when taken in this powered drink formula. The drink tastes great and goes down quickly, allowing you to get on with your day in a new mindset. The packaging is perfect, and the drink is packed with electrolytes and other minerals to help you kick-start your day. It is worth noting that Onnit recommends that you don’t exceed 1 packet every 6 hours, and to not exceed 2 servings over a 24 hour period without consulting with your doctor.

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