onnit alpha brain instant reviewIntroducing Onnit Alpha Brain Instant by Onnit Labs. Not content with having perfected the mental power-boosting formula with its Alpha Brain nootropic, the Onnit team decided to push the bar even higher with the incredible Alpha Brain Instant product. Now, you can have all the remarkable benefits of the clinically tested and proven Alpha Brain supplement in a much faster-acting form. As its name suggests, Alpha Brain Instant is essentially able to work at an incredibly rapid rate, letting you get the boost you need without having to wait around to start seeing results. We’ve tested and loved Alpha Brain in the past, and we thought it was pretty quick to begin with, but Alpha Brain Instant works at the speed of light. Onnit continues to assert its dominance on the worlds of fitness and health supplements, and we expect products like Alpha Brain Instant to find their way into countless homes over the next few years. Read on to learn more about this great-tasting, super effective product.

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Alpha Brain Product Summary

Alpha Brain Instant, like regular Alpha Brain, is a fully-natural product made from earth grown ingredients. Unlike classic Alpha Brain capsules, the Instant variety comes in the form of a powder, which you simply have to mix with water. There are two flavors currently available: Peach and Natural Spice. Both of these savors taste great. We’ve dealt with countless supplements in the past, and we know how gross it can sometimes be to have to swallow these things. Some powders and drinks simply taste awful, but Alpha Brain Instant is genuinely delicious. It’ll satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time as giving your brain a powerful boost, helping you remain calm, focused and stress-free. It’s no wonder that a huge number of customers are already placing big orders for this product.

If you’d like to learn more about what Alpha Brain actually does, you can check out our full Alpha Brain review, but we’ll give you a brief summary here. Essentially, this product is designed to clear your mind and enhance your mental processing power. It almost sounds too good to be true, and yet we know from experience that it really does work. Since we first started taking Alpha Brain capsules, we haven’t been able to stop. The benefits this product has to offer simply need to be experienced to be believed. The Alpha Brain formula works to boost memory power, as well as enhancing your focus, letting you get to work on the tasks at hand without any distractions or mental fog. It even boosts your processing speed, helping you to become more efficient and responsive. How does it do this? It works by using a delicate combination of natural ingredients that directly target your body’s neurotransmitters.

The main idea behind Alpha Brain was to create a healthy, effective alternative to energy drinks. Personally, I used to spend a ridiculous amount of cash on cans of Monster and Red Bull to get me through the average working day. As a member of the Fight Foundry team who needs to be remain focused for writing and research all-day long, I used to rely on energy drinks to give me the boost I needed. Unfortunately, these sorts of drinks claim to be much more effective than they really are. Sure, the caffeine perks you up a little, but your mind can still wander and your focus can easily slip away. Alpha Brain doesn’t work that way. Instead, it actually targets your mind directly and helps it to focus like never before. Instead of using stimulants or potentially harmful chemicals, this product keeps it natural with ingredients like Cat’s Claw, Bacopa and Hyperzia Serrata.

Alpha Brain Instant vs Alpha Brain

So how does Alpha Brain Instant differ? Well, it’s all of the same great stuff you’ve come to know and love, but faster! The fact that this product comes in a powdered mix means that it will be absorbed directly into your body as you drink it. Capsules take a little bit of time to be digested and broken down, whereas liquids go straight into your bloodstream. It’s the same sort of principle as when you feel ill; if you take a tablet, you might have to wait a little while to feel the effects, but if you get an injection you’ll feel better much more quickly. A simple swig of this delicious formula will have an almost instantaneous effect. The helpful molecules of Alpha Brain Instant will be delivered straight to your brain.

Our Personal Review of Alpha Brain Instant

To give you some perspective, I’m a 25 year old male athlete who spends a lot of time both working and exercising each and every day. I’ve been taking Alpha Brain capsules for a while, and love the benefits they offer. I was a little skeptical about Alpha Brain Instant, as I assumed it couldn’t really be that much faster than the regular product. I was wrong. After drinking my first glass of peach-flavored Alpha Brain, I sat down to get some work done. Within a matter of minutes, I could feel myself becoming more focused and concentrated, enabling me to do a huge amount of work in a very short span of time.

I also wondered how effective this product might be before a workout, so decided to give it a try. Again, within just a few minutes, I felt myself getting in the zone. My mind was immediately liberated of distractions, letting me put my full attention and energy into the workout. With classic Alpha Brain capsules, I’d have to wait about 30 minutes or an hour before really noticing the effects, meaning that I’d often have to plan ahead before doing any exercise or work. With Alpha Brain Instant, I can easily put my mind and body into an enhanced state, without any time being wasted.

I’m not the only one who can vouch for the power and rapidity of Alpha Brain Instant. I recommended the product to several other people, most of whom were already taking regular Alpha Brain capsules. Those who made the switch were all very complimentary of the product and plan to keep using it for the foreseeable future. As with all other Onnit products, Alpha Brain Instant also underwent thorough clinical testing, with immensely positive results. Just like me, the test participants all experienced enhance mental functioning, faster processing power and more intense levels of focus.

Onnit Alpha Brain Instant Review Summary

onnit alpha brain instant review summary
Another incredible advantage of this product is the convenience factor. You can easily put a few packets in your bag or pocket for use on-the-go. You could take a pack to work or the gym and prepare your drink at the water cooler. You’ll be able to take it any time you like, knowing that its fast-acting properties will ensure that you feel the full benefits in a matter of minutes. This is simply perfect for people who have tough jobs and never know when they’ll need a little pick-me-up. Overall, we’re hugely impressed with Alpha Brain Instant. If you want to witness the real potential of what your mind is capable of, give this product a try.