Onnit started out it’s t-shirt collection by offering very simple cotton made tees with basic Onnit graphics. As the rest of the brand has been growing by leaps and bounds so too has the gear section, particularly Onnit Bamboo Shirts. In innovative and earth grown Onnit fashion, they’ve managed to come up with fantastic t-shirts that are made nearly entirely of bamboo. Furthermore, Onnit has managed to design some phenomenally unique graphics to slap on these truly bamboo primal tees. From crazy gorilla and werewolf faces to trippy zombie like designs, your peers are going to be asking you where you grabbed such a sweet tee!

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The Benefits of Manufacturing With Bamboo

Bamboo is a fantastic resource to manufacture with whenever possible. Bamboo is a 100% sustainable and literally grows easily any place on earth except for the North and South Poles. It doesn’t require to be fertilized or chemically enhanced as it grows from natural rain water. Bamboo also grows much faster than trees do and provides an abundance of oxygen. Onnit wasn’t the first to use bamboo in t-shirts, but you can bet that they will brand the entire concept better than any other company on the planet. This just makes using Onnit supplements, food, equipment and gear that much better!

Our favorite Onnit Bamboo Shirts can be found below in no particular order. If you see one that you like, click the image and order yours today! As opposed to spending endless amounts of money on cotton tees that get ruined after one spin in the dryer…

The Importance of Form Fitting and Comfortable T-Shirts

We all have them, we love them and sometimes we wear them 2 or 3 days in a row hoping that no-one will notice. They’re our favorite t-shirts and they are unfortunately rare. Our significant others and family members try to fill our closets with cool looking graphic tees and trendy logos, but the only thing we really care about is how our shirts fit us. The worst sort of t-shirts, no matter what the graphic or brand is, are ones that you don’t feel comfortable in. Shirts that seem like they were designed to fit a double door refrigerator or even an impossibly slim coat rack are just not comfortable to wear. Sleeves that are too short, too long and necks that are too tight or too loose, what in the world does it take to find a decent fitting shirt these days?!

Onnit Premium T-Shirts

The number one reason that t-shirts generally suck is that they are made predominantly of cotton. To most of you, this is not new news, however for whatever reason most of us secretly refuse to believe that cotton shrinks and roll the dice on a cool looking graphic tee. We then wash and dry it one time and inevitably turn that once awesome t-shirt into a garage rag because it could only fit a small dog or gremlin after the beating it takes. Newsflash, if you buy 100% cotton t-shirts, your digging our own grave. The solution is to buy t-shirts that are NOT made of more than 50% cotton. In fact the lower amount of cotton the BETTER! But hey, while we’re all on the great fitting t-shirt kick here, why not find the ‘optimal’ solution as it were. Onnit Bamboo Shirts are made (you guessed it) predominately of bamboo, which never shrinks or forms in weird ways. Onnit Bamboo Shirts are incredibly durable and can withstand the tosses and turns of any dryer without loosing it’s shape. Also, concerning price, think of all the money that gets thrown away on cotton tees. Enough is enough, the amount of money you’ll save by purchasing Onnit Bamboo Shirts will allow you to spend it on more important things like Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport and New MOOD. As random as that may sound, the vast majority of Onnit users complain about pricing. Well, here’s a way to save, buy Onnit Bamboo Shirts that are going to last and use the savings to put towards supplements that will get you looking amazing! Read our full Onnit Alpha Brain Review to learn more about how this supplement can help you focus and get more things done.