Onnit continues to expand and develop their fitness equipment line and their latest addition is perhaps our favorite of the bunch… Onnit Battle Bags provide a new way to work out with unconventional, destabilized equipment to hit those muscles that conventional weights just can’t reach.

If you have ever worked out using sand bags, Onnit Battle Bags are similar, but of course way better! As you lift and exercise using the bags, the sand shifts causing you to utilize different muscles to stabilize the bag. Sandbags are an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Essentially every exercise you can do with barbells you can do with your Battle Bag: Curls, Presses, Deadlifts, Squats and even Lunges…

Our Personal Onnit Battle Bag Review

personal onnit battle bag review
Regarding the quality of the product, the bags are certainly built to last, but all of Onnit’s products are made of the highest quality materials. When you search for sandbags online, you will see bags that are basically covered in handles and made of low grade materials. The handles are obviously necessary for some workouts, but Onnit Battle Bags have only four handles perfectly constructed and placed handles. As their website says, they put four handles on the bags to encourage people to grab onto the bag and do according exercises. While there are times we have wished it had more handles, we have definitely enjoyed using it without the handles and find those exercises are the ones that fatigue us the most.

onnit battle bag savings

The filler bags are the same hardcore material that the bag itself is made of, and you can rest assured that between the two of them, you can throw the bag around as much as you want and not worry about them busting open. As far as the sand goes, you’ll have to buy it from your local hardware or grab it from your local beach as it’s obviously not realistic to pay to ship sand… It’s also worth noting that a number of Onnit maniacs simply fill their Battle Bags with Onnit Primal SteelBells, which essentially kills two birds with one stone.

Onnit Battle Bag Workouts

onnit battle bag workouts
First off, for any doubters out there, give working out with sandbag like equipment a shot before you complete write if off. You will 100% find that sandbags and in particular the Onnit Battle Bag, offers truly unconventional training that you can get with any other type of equipment. The Battle Bag is best used to increase grip strength, explosiveness and all around muscles that you can’t typically workout very hard. When it come to Battle Bag Workouts, it’s all about annoying or destabilizing positions that reach those hard to find muscles…

Push-up Curls – Get in push-up position while holding onto the Battle Bag handles. Jump up to your feet while bringing the Battle Bag with you and essentially curling it. Drop down to beginning position and repeat.

Rotating Squats – Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. Grasp the 2 Battle Bag handles, squat down and throw the weight of the Battle Bag to one side and stand up straight. Switch which way your throw the Battle Bag with each squat.

Curl Lunges – Very straight forward, simply grab the 2 handles of the Battle Bag and curl the Battle Bag to your chest while in the stretching of each forward lunge. This even hits your abs pretty hard.

Granny Squats – Basically, you’ll be doing squats but you’ll hold the Battle Bag at it’s 2 handles and swing it upwards as if you were shooting a basketball granny style. This is another distinct ab, quad and arm workout.

Helicopter Rotations – Don’t make this more complicated than it should be. We want you to grab the Battle Bag any way you can with two hands and swing it around your head in a helicopter like rhythm. This is great for upper abs, shoulders, forearms, grip and triceps.

Deadlift Curls – Again, very simple, just squat down, grab the Battle Bag with two hands, deadlift it and finish the last of the lift with a slight curl.

Bent Drags – Place the Battle Bag on the ground. Squat down as low as you can and grab the Battle Bag. Now slowly walk backwards while squatting and drag the Battle Bag along the ground.

Onnit Battle Bag Expert Testimonials

“What can I say? I’m hooked on not only Onnit Supplement like Alpha Brain (see our full Alpha Brain Review), but basically their entire line of workout equipment including this rugged Battle Bag!”
Christina Connely

“I wasn’t entirely thrilled about having to fill my Battle Bag with weight until I realized that it would have cost me an arm and a leg to ship it with just sand…”
Reggie Martin