Want to get the most out of your training? Ever heard of ‘Unconventional Training’? Introducing the Onnit Battle Ball, a heavy ball built with quality materials to last a lifetime. While the Onnit Battle Ball wasn’t built to be a ‘slam’ type of ball, (it will in fact reduce it’s lifespan) it’s incredibly rugged and is used everyday by top athletes around the world.

Living in an age of advanced technology and electronics, it’s truly nice to get back to the basics as archaic as it may be, with Onnit’s Battle Ball, you’ll be presented with a full body workout. It seems simple and that’s because it is. Come up with intense workouts while lugging around a 10 or 20 pound strongly crafted battle ball and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The genius behind the simplicity is how many muscles are needed to actually perform simple tasks. We liken it to pyramid type weight lifting. For example, benching low reps of high weights followed by high reps of low weights in a steady decline gives us an incredible upper body toning workout. When you get down to what would normally be an incredibly easy weight to lift, your arms are exhausted and you struggle to even lift it. The same idea and more stands behind battle balls and particularly Onnit’s (Onnit Academy Shoutout). By doing simple routines such as bending down, picking up the ball and muscling over your head over and over seems silly. Try it though! After just a few sets, you’ll be able to understand the huge amounts of muscles in your body that your actually working out!

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The Onnit Battle Ball is just another great tool that you should have in your gym, of course filled with all of the other amazing Onnit Unconventional Training Equipment.

Onnit Battle Ball Personal Review

personal onnit battle ball review
It’s easy to get in the same old mundane routine of workouts. Certain days are upper body and certain days are lower body, followed by perhaps the distinction of certain days being building and other days being toning or certain days being lifting and others being cardio. All of Onnit’s fitness equipment is essentially unconventional, which is the perfect way to jazz up what would otherwise be monotonous. I personally have worked one entire day of the week into strictly unconventional training with Onnit’s Battle Ball, Kettle Bells and Maces. There is truly no better way to positively shake things up in the gym and still be incredibly productive with a full body workout. After a full workout with Onnit Battle Balls, I usually feel like I’ve accomplished more at the gym than simple ‘upper-body’ days. When I get home, my entire body and muscle has been used and I know my time was well spent. Another fun thing that I’ve been able to do is come up with creative ways of working out with the Battle Balls. From squats, swings, lunges and playing catch to setting up obstacle courses to run through with the Battle Ball above my head, there really is no limit with the amount of ways to workout with this product.

Onnit Battle Ball Workouts

First off, the Onnit Battle Ball is not just some ordinary medicine ball. The Onnit Battle Ball was built with unique exercises in mind. It’s size, shape and weight were meticulously crafted to provide a truly unique and beneficial workout routine into your arsenal.

Buddy or Wall Hip Tosses – Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, essentially in an ‘athletic stance’. Bring Onnit Battle Ball to your hip and swing around to toss the ball against a close wall or buddy. Eventually, develop a rhythm and work on making your catch and release, one fluid motion.

Over Head Buddy or Wall Tosses – You’ll basically be doing the same thing as the hip tosses mentioned above. However, you’ll obviously be catching and throwing the Battle Ball from above your head. It’s important to keep your feet stationary during this workout to isolate your upper-body muscles.

Jumping Rotating Lunges – Start by holding the Battle Ball at your hip with both hands. You’ll essentially be be continuous in place jumping lunges. For maximum impact on your abs and arms, rotate the ball from one side of your body to the other between lunges.

Onnit Battle Balls Expert Testimonials

“I never thought that a medicine ball type workout would be in my regiment, but after using one of my buddy’s Onnit Battle Balls, I had to get one and add it to my daily routine.”
Joel Jagger

“What I love most about the Onnit Battle Ball is it’s size. It makes me use muscles that I don’t normally use in similar types of exercises.”
Anthony Tanner