So battle ropes are a great cross-fit training tool to target strands of muscle that you wouldn’t otherwise work out in a traditional gym setting. Ropes have been used in cross-fit training for the past several years, and there are a number of professionals out there that will tell you they are one of the best ways to combine cardio and strength training. Onnit Battle Ropes are built from high quality polyurethane, are shipyard quality and are balanced at the perfect length/weight ratio to maximize your workout. These ropes are guaranteed to never rot or retain water, 5 years from now they will provide you with the same workout you get in the day you receive your ropes.

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Battle Rope Exercises

The key with any battle rope exercise you try is to train in intense full sprint intervals, for example, try 10-30 seconds on and 10-30 seconds off, and repeat to exhaustion. Because you are working out in these style reps, battle ropes are awesome when done with a partner to push and rotate with you. Don’t try and pace yourself, the ropes are called battle ropes because you are battling the rope with fast, controlled movement. You will see after just a few quick reps how fast you can reach exhaustion, and just how many muscles each of these exercises can hit.

Double Slams – Essentially you want to lift both arms over your head and slam the rope down to the ground as hard as you can, and repeat for a 10-30 second period. Add a jump to the slam for a 10 second all out melt your face sprint.

Modulating Wave – In this exercise you will move both arms up and down at a fast, even pace to create a wave moving down the ropes. You can work both arms at the same time or rapidly alternate them.

Hip Toss – Pivot left to right and focus on bracing your core as you whip the rope from side to side. Make sure you focus on moving the entire rope from one side of your body to the other, don’t just rotate with the rope in your arms.

Uppercuts – When we do uppercuts with the rope we focus on trying to get a wave all the way down the rope and push it hard for 20 second bursts.

Check out this quick video from Onnit that runs through some of these basic battle rope exercises. Note that in the video they are using Onnit’s Zombie Kettlebells to anchor the rope in place at one end. If you don’t have bells available, you can get creative with a tree, pole or partner…

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