Onnit Caveman Coffee Review

Onnit Caveman Coffee Review

onnit caveman coffee reviewIntroducing Caveman Coffee by Onnit Labs & Single Estate. Everyone loves to start the day with a rich and tasty cup of coffee, and the average coffee-lover has a huge amount of choice open to them nowadays. With so many options, it can actually be quite difficult for people to make up their minds and identify the very best products. We’ll be taking a look at Onnit’s contribution to the coffee world in this review today, specifically we’ll be going over the ins and outs of the brand’s Caveman Coffee product, along with taking a brief look at Onnit’s Arabica Dark Roast Coffee as well. Are these the right beans to start your day with a smile? Read on to find out.

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Onnit Caveman Coffee Product Review

Onnit’s Colombian Amber coffee represents the company’s first joint project with Caveman Coffee, a reputable and much-loved brand in the coffee industry. This coffee comes from beans grown exclusively on a prestigious estate in the country of Colombia, unquestionably the home of all of the world’s greatest coffee blends. The beans are first picked and thoroughly cleaned to remove any impurities. Afterwards, they are taken to New Mexico for fermentation and roasting by Caveman Coffee’s expert team. As soon as the beans are done roasting, they’re shipped off to be prepared for sale to the public, ensuring that you buy a fresh product, packed with flavor, every single time.

What we really appreciate about Onnit’s Caveman Coffee is the dedication that both companies have shown towards protecting the environment. Coffee production can lead to various harmful practices around the world, but Onnit has never been the sort of company to cut corners or make sacrifices in the name of cheaper production. This company has built a reputation for using only the finest ingredients and always doing what it can to help the world around us. That’s true once again with this coffee, as the final product is fully certified by both The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, two organizations dedicated to helping consumers understand how their products are made and where they come from. This sort of certification only applies to items that are produced in ways that do not harm the environment, so it’s a very good sign to see Onnit’s coffee being awarded such distinctions.

So how does this coffee actually taste? Onnit’s Colombian Amber beans are roasted quite lightly and gently to preserve the natural flavors, resulting in a final cup of coffee that offers a good blend of acidity and sweetness. The body is smooth and adequately rich, with notes of citrus fruits and caramel flowing over the palate with each sip. Having tasted countless cups of coffee in our time, we can say that this is one of the better ones. The freshness and purity of the beans really comes through in both the taste and aroma of each cup. What’s more, you know you’ll be getting the same great taste with every bag you buy. This is because all of the beans used by Onnit come from the same estate. Other coffee companies may use the same region or source, but few of them actually rely on a single farm. This is just another indication of the quality of this coffee.

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Onnit’s Arabica Dark Roast Product Review

Moving on to Onnit’s Arabica Dark Roast Coffee, we’re happy to report that most of the positive points we mentioned above still apply. This coffee wasn’t produced in conjunction with Caveman, but is still an excellent product, direct from Guatemala. It comes from a single farm, one of only a handful of farms that are certified to produce and sell the premium variety of Antigua coffee beans. The beans themselves are grown in volcanic soil to ensure good health and richness in the final flavor. After being handpicked and washed, the beans are taken immediately to Austin, Texas for roasting.

To make this coffee, Onnit decided to team up with Kuxtal Coffee and Tea, a family-owned business in Antigua Guatemala. The family’s farm has been around for over two hundred years, so they certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to growing, cleaning and preparing these beans. The fact that the beans are grown in such a prestigious location and looked after by a single family of dedicated experts helps to ensure that the final product is of impeccable quality. You’ll struggle to find beans better than these, and we were really impressed with the taste of the final product. A cup of this coffee is rich and intense, with chocolate and fruit-flavored aromas wafting in and out as you drink. There’s a really nice smoothness to this coffee, almost butter-like in texture. It’s a very pleasing drink and we’re eager to try more in the future.

Onnit Coffee Review Summary

onnit caveman coffee reviews
Onnit has clearly mastered the worlds of fitness and supplements, so we were a little cautious when it came to testing out their coffee. Would this brand really have the know-how and understanding necessary to select the right beans in an incredibly competitive and crowded market? Incredibly, the answer turned out to be a resounding yes! Both of the coffees we have looked at today are stunningly well made. The beans have been chosen with a real attention to detail, ensuring both quality and environmental safety. It’s great for us, as consumers, to purchase products like these, as we know that the world isn’t being harmed just for the sake of our morning cup of coffee. In addition, both bags taste great and can set you up for the rest of the day. Naturally, your personal preferences will decide which blend you like the best, but we recommend you give them both a try before making any decisions.