onnit bulletproof coffee coupon codeWe’re always following the goings-on over on Onnit’s official site to keep you all up-to-date on the latest deals and events. This latest promotion is quite an exciting one, granting all customers an impressive 26% discount on any purchase of Bulletproof Coffee. A packer of Bulletproof Coffee is usually priced at $18.95, but you can enjoy a $5 saving with this enticing new offer. Coffee is something that most of us drink every single day, so it could be a good idea to stock up on a few packets while the price is so low. You could theoretically save quite a lot of cash with this deal.

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Let’s now look at the product itself. Bulletproof Coffee has been making waves throughout the fitness world since its creation. Effectively, this is the next step up from traditional coffee. As fitness enthusiasts, we know that drinking coffee is a little bit of a gray area for many athletes. Some people encourage it, saying that the caffeine can offer a metabolism boost, others strictly forbid it, citing scientific studies which show that coffee can actually wear you out in the long-term.

This is where Bulletproof Coffee comes in. This product was designed to offer all of the desirable benefits of coffee, without any of the nasty side effects. The product is actually made with the use of unsalted ghee butter, along with octane oil that is designed to boost brain function. Even the coffee beans themselves are superior, containing plenty of healthy ingredients that are said to improve mental functioning and help with weight loss. At the same time, Bulletproof Coffee will not give you any negative effects or sluggishness.

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Having tested this product out ourselves, we can safely say we’d never go back to the classic variety of coffee. From a fitness and health perspective, Bulletproof Coffee is a total upgrade. Effectiveness will vary from one individual to the next, but this product almost guarantees satisfaction. Some people even say that they are able to think more clearly and focus more intensely on the things that matter, rather than letting themselves get distracted.

With a 26% discount, you really can’t afford to pass this deal up. As we said before, this is the sort of product that you can enjoy every single morning. It gives you all of the positive aspects that you would hope to get from a regular cup of coffee, as well as giving you greater control over your weight. Bulletproof Coffee also happens to taste great, and it’s very popular with many celebrities and famous athletes, so you know you’re investing in a product of quality.