onnit hemp force active reviewIntroducing Hemp Force Active by Onnit Labs. These days, it’s easier than ever to stay in shape and look after your body thanks to the wide array of supplements and dietary aids offered by companies like Onnit. This company has established itself as one of the leading brands in the fitness and health industry by continuously offering high quality, effective products that are better than the competition. We’ve looked a lot of different Onnit products and given our honest opinions on them, and we’ve usually been very impressed with what we’ve seen. Let’s see if that trend continues here today with a quick look at Onnit’s Hemp Force Active. This plant-based protein supplement is filled with healthy, earth grown nutrients and has been designed with the active, modern person in mind. Does it get the job done? Keep reading to find out.

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Hemp Force Active Product Overview

If you happen to be vegan or have an allergy to gluten, or perhaps you simply want to be extra careful about what you put into your body, this could be the perfect product for you. Hemp Force Active is gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, soy-free, and 100% suitable for consumption by vegetarians and vegans. It’s a protein supplement that has been derived from plant-based sources, meaning that you can feel confident about where this product has actually come from, rather than worrying about any toxins or harmful ingredients sneaking in. We definitely appreciate this aspect of the product, and it’s great to see Onnit thinking about people who prefer to live vegan lifestyles.

A single portion of Hemp Force Active provides your body with an incredible amount of nutrients including 16g of protein, 6g of fiber, a whopping 1500mg of healthy Omega-3 fatty acid, and equally impressive amounts of other Omega acids. A lot of other protein supplements on the market today simply give your body a bunch of amino acids for muscle development, but Hemp Force Active goes way further with the inclusion of fiber and Omega acids. These healthy fats can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, contributing to a healthy heart and circulatory system. This, in turn, can give you more energy for those workouts and help you push yourself further each day.

This product also happens to have a really delicious taste. We’ve seen in the past that Onnit doesn’t like to make any compromises or sacrifices in that department, and that trend is continuing with Hemp Force Active. The product is flavored with high quality ingredients like pure cocoa and maca, providing a scrumptious chocolatey flavor that isn’t too sweet and should keep you coming back for more. We’ve all tasted protein powders that make you feel sick, so it’s a huge relief to see that this one is perfectly pleasing for the tastebuds. It has also been naturally sweetened with healthy stevia and monk fruit to avoid any added sugar.

The product itself is made using proteins from natural ingredients like organic brown rice and peas. This ensures that the amino acid count is high, helping the final product to be as effective as possible. Onnit says that this supplement is perfect for active people and we have to agree. With all that protein and all those Omega acids, Hemp Force Active can improve your strength and endurance levels by an enormous amount. Your increased circulatory capacity will allow you to exercise for longer without feeling tired, while the protein boost will enhance the size and power of your muscles.
The “Active” part of the name of this product is particularly apt as this protein powder contains a lot of active ingredients. Chocolate, for example, may be something that we now associate with indulgence and luxury, but it was actually used by soldiers and hunters in ancient civilizations to provide energy for long treks and difficult activities. It also helps to lower stress levels and lift one’s mood. Maca is another important ingredient here, used thousands of years ago in various South American countries as a powerful source of energy and vitality. These ingredients combine well with the other elements of Hemp Force Active to create a product that really does give your whole body a big boost.

One extra thing we really like about Hemp Force Active is its versatility. Since this product actually tastes so good, you can feel free to use it in a wide variety of recipes. Onnit went to the trouble of listing some of them over on the company’s official site, but there are almost no limits to what you can do with this powder. Add it to smoothies, cakes, shakes, fruit, and more to create your own great-tasting treats. Ever since we got the product, we’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different recipes and have so far been very impressed by how good they taste. A lot of protein powders simply don’t taste good enough or don’t have the versatility to be used in different ways, but this one is different.

Onnit Hemp Force Active Review Summary

onnit hemp force active reviews
To conclude, we’ve been very impressed with Onnit’s Hemp Force Active supplement. I’m not a vegan but I do try to watch what I eat and like to stay away from GMO products and gluten whenever possible. It’s really pleasing to see that the Onnit team has thought about people like me when designing this product. Too many companies make compromises with their protein powders, resulting in lower quality products that don’t have the desired effect. Onnit has, once again, shown its commitment to sourcing the best ingredients and ensuring that every aspect of this product is of the finest quality. Give it a shot, we’re sure you’ll like it too.