onnit himalayan salt reviewIntroducing Pink Himalayan Salt by Onnit Labs. While impressing us with top quality fitness equipment and award-winning supplements, Onnit has also been creating a great assortment of food products that you should possibly be considering adding to your own kitchen cabinets. We’ve tested out several of Onnit’s food items and have been pleasantly surprised by what we’ve tried so far. Today though, the company has a bit of a challenge ahead of it. We’re going to be finding out whether or not Onnit’s Himalayan Salt is good enough to make us change our minds about adding salt to our meals. Is it really possible to have a healthy type of salt? Do our bodies need this ingredient to function correctly? Read on to discover the answers.

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Our Personal Onnit Himalayan Salt Review

Salt has a bit of a bad reputation these days. We all hear about the adverse health effects it can have and how often it is linked with different diseases and conditions. At the same time, chefs and culinary experts constantly tell us about the importance of salt, due to the ways in which it can enhance the flavors of a meal and turn simple food into something better. It’s hard to really know what the right answer when it comes to salt, so we decided to do our own research when writing the review for this product.

To put it simply, that regular table salt you probably have at home just isn’t healthy. We can eat it in small doses without too many problems, but this artificial product is pretty detrimental to various systems throughout the body, including the cardiovascular system. However, certain types of salt, like Pink Himalayan Salt, are actually incredibly rich in health benefits and vital minerals that the body needs to survive. Essentially, we’re all being duped into thinking that salt is bad for us, but really that only applies to table salt.

Table salt is mass-produced and contains no healthy minerals whatsoever. It is stored in giant containers where it can be exposed to all sorts of toxins and harmful molecules present in the air due to pollution. This makes this product even less healthy than it already is, and is one of the main reasons why so many people now think that all salt is bad for them. Today, we hope we can help to bust that myth and show you that other forms of salt can actually be powerhouses of minerals and essential nutrients, and you definitely should be sprinkling them over your recipes.

So what makes Pink Himalayan Salt so different? Well, believe it or not, this all-natural, pristine form of salt is filled with an absolutely incredible number of trace minerals, 84 to be exact! It would take far too long to list every single benefit of these minerals, but all you need to know is that they are very helpful all throughout the body. They can assist with a huge number of processes and systems including the nervous system, bloodstream and immune system.

Before table salt was invented, salt was actually regarded in a much more favorable light. In fact, in ancient civilizations, people could actually pay each other with salt because it was so valuable and precious. There are many different forms and sources of natural salt out there, but Pink Himalayan Salt is generally regarded to be the best and purest of the lot. It gets its distinctive pink color from all the trace minerals and electrolytes present inside it, and it tastes completely different to the sort of salt you’re used to.

When we first got this product, we expected it to not be much different to regular sodium chloride, but we were wrong. Instead of that harsh hit on the tongue that table salt provides, Pink Himalayan Salt is gentle and smooth. It mixes beautifully with almost any type of meal you could possibly imagine, and the great thing is that we actually want to keep using it. Thanks to all those minerals, Pink Himalayan Salt doesn’t just allow you to enhance the flavor of your dishes, it also helps you to enhance their nutritional value. It’s literally like you’re sprinkling essential nutrients into your recipes and it really feels great to do so.

Another great thing about Pink Himalayan Salt is that it comes from a source we can trust. This type of salt has been around for literally millions of years, buried deep beneath the Earth’s surface, far away from any of the toxins or pollution that mankind has unleashed over the years. This pristine source has been kept safe and is now available for everyone to enjoy. So far, it’s been an exciting and welcome addition to our culinary lives, and we’re sure it can have the same positive effect for you too.