updated onnit look good naked challengeIntroducing Onnit’s Look Good Naked Challenge! This challenge is 3 weeks long and is designed to, you guessed it, make you ‘look good naked’, or frankly get you started off on a healthy fitness routine! As always, Onnit is providing real and truly beneficial opportunities to better your physique in this challenge. This particular 3 week Onnit challenge is primarily based around high intensity short interval training. In a society where looks continue to evolve into one of the most important aspects of our entire culture there are obviously tons upon tons of totally random ways to shed the fat. However, as we all well know, most of these workouts, routines or diets are often just wishful thinking. Fortunately enough, you haven’t given up in your search for something that you can connect with and something you can really sink your teeth into to finally take your body and your self conscience to where it needs to be. You been lead to one of the most premier and innovative companies in the fitness/training industry and if you buy into Onnit’s methods of unconventional training and supplements, you will no doubt reach your goal. After all, it all comes down to you and a decision, all you have to do is make it.

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3 Week Naked Challenge Overview

Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of Onnit, describes the Onnit 3 Week Naked Challenge as simply helping your raise your self confidence in any arena of your life. Most of us aren’t striving to be UFC fighters, we just want to look good taking our freaking shirts off or wearing that bikini (for you ladies). The trouble is, there is so much misinformation out there about dieting. Aubrey brings a few extremely valuable points up in this video about bad fat, good fat and earth grown nutrients. It’s natural to think that if you want to loose weight you should just starve yourself, however the body doesn’t work that way. As soon as you start starving yourself like a high school teenage girl before prom, your body is going to try to preserve as much fat and calories as it can because it switches into conservation mode. The truth is, as Aubrey discusses is that your body just needs green nutrients, good fats and a fitness routine to get your blood flowing in order to optimize your physique. By ‘good fats’ we mean fats that don’t slow your metabolism. Coconut Oil, Pure MCT Oil, Walnut Almond Cashew Butter and even grass fed meats are known to be ‘good fats’ or ones that will allow your body to still run optimally while optimizing your diet as a whole. Aubrey also points out the necessity to fuel yourself before and after these short yet high intensity workouts. First off, Onnit offers a number of great products for high protein/good fat content. Hemp Force Bars are perfect to eat first thing in the morning to get you to that 30 grams of protein recommended level for breakfast. Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport is perfect to take prior to working out as it literally helps more oxygen flow to your muscles, essentially making them recover faster and helping you to not tire as quick. Lastly, Aubrey recommends using the fantastic tasting Hemp Force Super Food for a supremely healthy post workout shake which will basically help to refuel your body and keep it chemically canceling out unnecessary fats.

3 Week Naked Program Regimen

Whitney Miller, Miss United States of 2012 and former pro wake surfer discusses exactly what the Onnit 3 Week ‘Look Good Naked’ Fitness Regimen is in the video above. The entire training program is bases around fueling your body properly with Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients and Supplements coupled with what is known as Tabata Rounds. Tabata Rounds are easily defined by 20 seconds of Extreme Intensity followed by 10 second of Rest.

For those of you interested in following Whitney’s warm-up routine to the letter, she recommends 30 seconds of the following: (Keep in mind, this is just a warm-up to get your blood flowing and muscles activated. You can certainly warm-up anyway that you’d like. Although, it is recommended to stick rigorously to the Tabata Rounds Regimen themselves.)

  • Chair – Legs shoulder width apart, squat down so that your thighs burn, pick your butt up and puts your hands in the sky.
  • Down Dog (Pump The Feet) – Basically get into a push-up position but focus on your butt being high in the air and the burning in your shoulders and arms.
  • Lunge (Rotate Shoulders Forwards and Backwards) – Lunge one foot forward while rotating both shoulders in the same direction. Do the same thing for the other leg and opposite shoulders rotation.
  • Plank (30 Second Push-up) – Do a push-up extremely slow so that it burns your arms and gets a ton of blood flowing through your system.

You’ll need to choose between the No Rope Tabata, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced Tabata Workout Regimen Levels below and stick to it! (It’s of the utmost importance that you complete all the corresponding rounds and do each entire routine at least three times per week.)

Each regimen consists of 2 Tabata rounds in Week 1, 4 Tabata Rounds in Week 2 and 6 Tabata Rounds in Week 3.

It’s also important to point out that 3 out of the 4 Onnit 3 Week Tabata Regimens involve Onnit Battle Ropes.

Onnit Battle Ropes

No Rope Tabata Regimen

  • Mountain Climbers – Push-up position and basically run in place bringing your knees as close to your elbows as possible. It’s important to keep your butt low.
  • Plyo Lunges – One foot in front of the other, stretching and lunging a safe distance to warm up those quads. You can switch between forward and reverse lunges.
  • Burpee Pushups – Jump up as high as you can in the air with your hands in the sky and immediately shift to a push-up position upon landing, do a pushup and instantly shoot yourself back into the air to do over again.
  • Gorilla Jumps – Begin with legs out wide and jump into the air clicking your feet together. After you click your feet together you’ll instantly move them apart and out wide again. Do in rapid succession.
  • Bicycle Abs – On your back, hands behind your head and knees up. Your going to be crunching your abs by continuously bringing your knees as close as you can to your elbows.

Novice Tabata Regimen

  • Rope Alternating Wave – One length of rope in each hand, legs spread slightly apart and continuously swing each rope vertically creating a wave like motion in each rope.
  • Standing Squats – Legs shoulder width apart and squat down with your arms in front of you for balance. Notice your quads and butt beginning to burn.
  • Mountain Climbers – Push-up position and jog in place, bringing your knees as far into your chest with your butt remaining low.
  • Reverse Lunges – Same thing as typical forward lunges but obviously in reverse. Make sure to stretch our quads and thighs as much as possible.
  • Ab Bike – On your back with hands behind your head. Bring your knees up and continuously touch your elbows in a non-stop rotating motion.

Intermediate Tabata Regimen

  • Rope Slams – Legs establishing a firm base and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Let a bit of slack in your ropes and slam against the ground continuously either in rotation or together.
  • Alternating Plyo Lunges – The are typical lunges with a jump and throwing your hands into the sky twist into them. It really helps to get to rarely used muscles.
  • Rope Alternating Uppercuts – Do the same thing you would do with regular alternating wave rapes but with a reversed grip. Grab hold of the ropes so that the end of the rope is pointing upwards rather than down.
  • Quick Burpee – Same as push-up burpee’s except for the fact that you’ll cut-out doing push-ups all together. Simply go to your hands and then pop back up.
  • AB Boat Rowing – Sit down with your hands at your hips for balance an lean back with your legs in the air. The idea is to crunch your abs by continuously bringing your knees into your chest.

Advanced Tabata Regimen

  • Rope Alternating Wave w/ Alternating Plyo Lunges – See above references for each definition and perform in unison.
  • Burpee w/ Full Pushup – Jump up with your hands in the sky and drop down into a full push-up, do continuously.
  • Rope Jump Slams – The idea here is to bring the rope over your head and jump at the same time. Basically you’ll be slamming the battle ropes down together when you land from jumping.
  • Plank Knee Touches (one side per round) – Enter plank position or push-up basically. You’ll be bringing your leg or knee out to the side, to the middle and then across your body.
  • Rope Uppercut Reverse Lunges – Same as defined above with of course reverse lunges rather than typical forward lunges.