onnit mct oil reviewIntroducing Onnit MCT Oil by Onnit Labs. We’re here again today to share another new Onnit review with you. We’re going through this company’s catalog one item at a time, letting you know whether or not these products are worth your cash. For the most part, we’ve been hugely impressed with what Onnit has to offer. This is clearly a brand that can be trusted. Whether you’re in the market for fitness equipment, protein supplements, dietary aids or some healthy treats to add to your meals, Onnit has got you covered. In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the company’s MCT Oil. MCT oils are becoming massively popular lately, especially with athletes and people who are looking to stay energized for tough workouts. Can Onnit keep up with the competition? Is Onnit MCT Oil the best in the business? The answers are waiting for you below.

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Onnit MCT Oil Product Overview

It’s a simple fact of life that the body needs fat to survive. We’re told to stay away from fats as much as possible, but that really isn’t the best advice. The human brain literally cannot function with fatty acids, and several other bodily processes require fat as well. The true key to staying healthy and not putting on weight is to choose the right fats. MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are the best example of the right fats. Adding some MCTs to your diet can satiate your body’s need for fats without adding to your waistline. Onnit’s MCT oil is a particularly attractive one as it is made entirely from coconuts. It has no flavor or odor, so you can take a spoonful or add it to smoothies and shakes without worrying about the taste. In addition, it contains no palm oil and also comes with lauric acid, a very important ingredient that we’ll talk about later.

MCT fatty acids actually give your body more energy than standard carbs, so they’re the perfect source of fuel for people who want to exercise for long periods without tiring themselves out. They also help with cognitive function, keeping you focused and stress-fee at all times. Onnit recommends that you take a few tablespoons of this oil per day. That’s what we’ve been doing, and we’ve been very happy with the results. This oil is super easy to take and provides a healthy energy boost that we, as athlete, need to get through the toughest workouts. It also really does seem to boost your focus and help you stay on track. As well as taking it by the spoonful, we’ve also been adding some to salads, smoothies, shakes and more. It’s a very versatile product and goes well with pretty much anything. The only drawback is that it can’t be used for cooking as it boils and evaporates quite quickly.

The one thing that we think really sets Onnit’s MCT Oil apart from the rest is the present of lauric acid. We mentioned this ingredient above, but you might still be wondering why it’s so important. Well, lauric acid is a particularly powerful medium chain fatty acid that is found in high quantities in coconuts. This acid actually helps you feel fuller for longer. It satiates your body’s appetite by slowing down the speed of certain parts of the digestive process. This means you’ll be less tempted into eating extra snacks and adding on unnecessary calories to your diet. This is why MCT oil can be so effective for people who are looking to lose weight. A simple spoonful of this product can help you stay away from all those tasty treats around you.

One final thing we want to mention about this particular MCT oil before we move on is the environmental factor. These days, it’s important for everyone to try and do their part for the world around us. Ecological debates and issues are becoming a bigger part of daily life, so it’s vital for companies and individuals alike to make an effort and protect the planet for future generations. Unfortunately, a lot of MCT oils are produced using palm oil. You probably already know that palm oil is one of the worst ingredients out there when it comes to protecting the planet. Palm oil is usually the cause of major deforestation, which causes the deaths of countless animals and plants, as well as ruining some of our world’s most beautiful areas. Fortunately, Onnit cares about the Earth. That’s why this MCT Oil contains no palm oil whatsoever. It’s completely eco-friendly, and we consider that to be a big plus point for this product.

Review of the Advantages of Emulsified MCT Oil

Onnit’s regular MCT oil is clearly a great product, but the company also offers an emulsified version that we simply had to talk to you about today. The emulsified variety comes in three tasty flavors: coconut, vanilla and strawberry. What’s really special about this oil is that it gives you a level of convenience that simply isn’t possible with regular MCT oil. With the regular bottle, you have to use a blender to really get that oil to mix in with things like sauces, shakes and smoothies. Emulsified oil, on the other hand, mixes straight in without any problems. By emulsifying the oil, Onnit has preserved its quality while making it more practical and versatile than ever before.

We can’t believe how handy this product really is. All you need to do is simply add a spoonful to a shake and watch it blend instantly in with the rest of the liquid. It’s miraculous, and it works with anything. We’ve been adding emulsified MCT oil to coffee, tea, sauces, protein shakes and more. It works flawlessly every time and is very convenient, especially for those moments when you don’t have the time or possibility to make use of a blender. The flavors themselves also taste great, without being too powerful. Personally, we really like to add a bit of vanilla oil to our morning coffee, but we’re sure you can find dozens of great ways to use this product for yourself.

Onnit MCT Oil Review Summary

onnit mct oil review summary
To sum up, Onnit’s MCT Oil might just be the very best MCT oil you can buy right now. It’s important to remember that your body needs to get a good amount of healthy fat each day. For athletes and fitness fans, that statement is extra important. You’ll have no chance of getting through hard workouts and living an active lifestyle if you don’t get plenty of triglycerides in your diet. Onnit’s oil is one of the healthiest and smartest ways to help you stay healthy. The regular version is perfectly fine, but we really do enjoy the emulsified variety as well. The way it blends into everything without any extra equipment being need is truly impressive. Give this product a try, we’re sure you won’t regret it.