Onnit New MOOD Review

Onnit New MOOD Review

onnit new mood supplement review 2016New MOOD is designed to get your mind in a relaxed and calm state. Some have even described it’s effects as nirvana like. Onnit New Mood does this through the use of 5-HTP which naturally increases your body’s ability to produce and disperse serotonin which we all know is an extremely vital aspect in relation to one’s mood. Read our full Onnit New Mood Review below to learn more about this incredible supplement and to save with our Onnit New Mood Coupon Code.

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With all of Onnit’s supplements focused primarily on optimizing the human body to produce the maximum possible output, it’s certainly a breathe of fresh air to write about a product that’s main purpose is to invoke calmness and tranquility. Onnit New MOOD is truly a one of a kind type of supplement. Similar types of supplements or variable substances that have calming properties are typically found to cause pure drowsiness, are habit forming, frankly illegal or the body quickly becomes immune to. However, New MOOD is made from earth grown nutrients that have been painstakingly chosen and combined to produce an incredibly relaxed state both physically and mentally. As with many other of Onnit’s products, the goal with New MOOD is to take existing bodily functions and chemical properties and manipulate them into a desired result. In New MOOD’s case, the desired result is calmness, tranquility and frankly a nirvana type state.

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Our Personal Onnit New MOOD Experience

New MOOD does a surprisingly great job of lowering stress and helping you relax. It’s particularly effective when taken after a stressful day, travel, workout or sporting event. Everyone has those days where they feel tense and stressed out and you end up taking it out on the wrong person, staying up all night restless or turning to a less healthy alternative to New MOOD. While Onnit’s New MOOD is certainly priceless on days like these, it’s equally benefiting to restore the body’s natural calm state in preparation for accomplishing all your goals that lay ahead of you tomorrow.

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There are a handful of Onnit supplements that I am in love with and New MOOD is one of them. As important as it is to be running at optimal efficiency either during workouts or just in your career, it’s equally important to be able to bring the body back to calmness and relaxation. In many popular Men’s Health articles this phenomenon is known as ‘the refueling principle. As counter intuitive as the words may seem, refueling in this case means bringing the body back to clarity. By eliminating a cluttered mind and relaxing on the exact second, minute and hour rather than constantly thinking about the future and everything else that runs through our minds on a daily basis, we are able to essential refuel or retool with a blank canvas. Onnit New MOOD is one supplement that regardless of what day of the week it is I take after dinner. Sometimes, I even take it on weekends during the day when I just want to totally relax and clear my head.

It’s also worth noting that the biggest difference between some generic ‘sleep aid’ and Onnit’s New MOOD is that New MOOD gives you a refreshing calm whereas most sleep aids simply knock you out and leave you drooling on your pillow.

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It’s well established in the medical community that active serotonin neurotransmitters in the human body directly correlate to happiness, positive outlooks and most importantly, one’s mood. Therefore, the ingredients found in New MOOD such as L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B6 are all based around boosting your serotonin levels. L-tryptophan along with a number of other completely safe and natural herbs are added to the mixture for their natural calming effects. The Magnesium mineral is added for it’s known muscle relaxation and Vitamin D3 is in the mix for it’s known positive mood benefits.

Onnit New MOOD Review Summary

onnit new mood review

What New MOOD Does
New Mood is a mood enhancement supplement that calms nerves, fights exhaustion, and gives an overall feeling of piece. Obviously the majority of prescription antidepressants focus on serotonin, and New Mood does the same. The main difference is in the approach Onnit’s formula takes to creating a surplus of Serotonin. First, your common prescription creates a surplus of serotonin by inhibiting the reuptake. New MOOD increases what your body needs to produce serotonin naturally, specifically L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP. The result is a natural time release effect of increased levels of serotonin.

While it does have a similar effect to many common anti-depressants, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to be depressed to use New MOOD. New MOOD is commonly used for those who have a tough time ‘winding down’ or even falling asleep. As stated above, most of Onnit’s supplements are all based upon winding you up to run at your peak performance both physically and mentally. It’s only right that they offer an equally effective supplement for winding back down.

Onnit New Mood Ingredients
Onnit New MOOD Ingredients Review

We have already discussed 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan and the role they play in making New MOOD effective, but here is the complete list of New Mood’s All Natural Ingredients.

5-HTP: Building block of the neurotransmitter serotonin, contributes to a ‘good’ mood.

L-Tryptophan: Notoriously in turkey meat, contributes to rest and transforms into 5-HTP.

Magnesium: Valuable mineral known to relax and hydrate muscle.

Vitamin B-6: Transforms 5-HTP into relaxing serotonin along with a number of positive mood reactions.

Niacin: Increases the speed in which blood flows throughout the skin and to the brain.

Vitamin D-3: Known affectionately as the ‘sun’ vitamin, directly correlates to good mood.

Chamomile: One of the most famous calming and safe herbs on the planet.

Valerian Root: Highly researched and known to act as a natural sleep aid.

Lemon Balm: A member of the ‘mint’ family this is known for it’s naturally relaxing properties.

Jujube: Aka zyzyphus, is known for it’s earth grown anti-stressing reactions.

Onnit New MOOD Expert Testimonials

“As you can imagine, after a long day of managing a gym, teaching about 30 kids, my own training, plus speaking to gyms full of athletes or offices full of business people, there are times I can use a little stress relief and New MOOD is the thing that helps get me there.”
Matt Marcinek

“Adequate Rest is a key factor in performance. New MOOD’s combination of neurotransmitter pre-cursers, Vitamins and minerals aids rest, recovery and relaxation. I recommend it to all the fighters I am working with and I even use it to help deal with jet lag when travelling for fights.”
Dean Amasinger

“With New MOOD, you have the constituents that help to support mood, balanced with the herbal constituents that help the body transition into natural sleep.”
Dr. Dan Engle – Psychiatrist

“When my job requires me to adhere to a challenging and stressful schedule, I depend on New MOOD to relax and recover.”
Mehcad Brooks

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