onnit power packs review 2016Onnit Power Packs are various groups of Onnit products bundled together by the ‘pros’ to help people have ‘exactly’ what they need in order to achieve specific goals. Onnit Power Packs have greatly increased in popularity as consumers generally don’t know what they need or want and wind up quickly getting ‘off-track’ and away form their goals. Currently, there are just over 20 different Power Packs available for purchase to get you off the chair and into a solid and healthy routine. The Power Packs themselves are generally discounted by about 10% on average, you will then save an additional 5% – 10% off for the size of the order and another 10% off with our ‘Onnit Coupon Code’. The result is up to a shocking 30% in savings on the products, making Onnit Power Packs not only time-savers but also pocketbook-savings.

Let’s take a closer look at the target result for each of the Power Packs as well as the items that make up each of the bundles. Each of the Power Packs are meant to take a little of the work and research out of having to select which of Onnit’s high quality products best fits your goals, but we still encourage you to obviously take the time to research each of them for yourself.

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Also, you can find more information on nearly every supplement below in our Onnit Supplement Reviews and Onnit Food Reviews sections. In particular, you can read our full Alpha Brain Review to learn the in’s and out’ of this scientifically proven mental focus and clarity supplement. Additionally, be sure to check out our Total Primate Care Review to learn why it’s one of favorite Onnit supplement packs.

Onnit Power Packs Reviews


Brain Master Power Pack Review

onnit brain master power pack review

Ultimate Workout Power Pack Review

onnit ultimate workout power pack review

Total Human Optimization Power Pack Review

onnit total human optimization power pack review

Protein Smoothie Power Pack Review

onnit protein smoothie power pack review

Snack Attack Power Pack Review

onnit snack attack power pack review

Home Coffee Shop Power Pack Review

onnit home coffee shop power pack review

Like A Viking Review

onnit like a viking power pack review

Starter Home Gym (Lightweight) Review

onnit starter home gym lightweight power pack review

Starter Home Gym (Middleweight) Review

onnit starter home gym middleweight power pack review

Starter Home Gym (Heavyweight) Review

onnit starter home gym heavyweight power pack review

Look Good Naked (Good) Review

onnit look good naked good power pack review

Look Good Naked (Better) Review

onnit look good naked better power pack review

Look Good Naked (Best) Review

onnit look good naked best power pack review

Men’s Basic Primal Challenge Review

onnit mens basic primal challenge power pack review

Men’s Ultimate Primal Challenge Review

onnit mens ultimate primal challend power pack review

Women’s Basic Primal Challenge Review

onnit womens basic primal challenge power pack review

Women’s Ultimate Primal Challenge Review

onnit womens ultimate primate challenge power pack review

Cleanse Essentials Review

onnit cleanse essentials power pack review

The Unbreakable Pack Review

onnit unbreakable power pack review

So Fresh, So Clean Review

onnit so fresh so clean power pack review

Heal and Protect Review

onnit heal and protect power pack review

Typical Onnit Power Packs Target Goals & Results

Burn Fat A combination of food and supplement products that will help you shed weight fast. Includes coconut oil, upgraded MCT oil, Metabolate, Upgraded Coffee, Stevia, Hemp Force and Shroom TECH Sport.

Mental Performance Onnit’s cognitive enhancing power pack. Includes Alpha Brain, Onnit 180, BulletProof Upgraded Coffee, Coconut Oil, Earth Grown Nutrients, Krill Oil, Macadamia Trilogy Butter, and Upgraded MCT Oil.

Jiu Jitsu / MMA Designed to improved Jiu Jitsu and MMA performance, this power pack includes: Alpha Brain, Coral Calcium, Defense Soap, Hemp Force, Himilayan Salt, Shroom TECH Sport and Stron Bone.

Build Muscle Onnit’s Power Pack for building power, this combination will help you pack on the muscle. DigesTECH, Hemp Force Bars, Hemp Force, Warrior Bars, T-Natural Testosterone Booster, Trilogy Butter.

Rest & Relax Looking to relieve stress, unwind and relax? This is the power pack for you, it includes: Coral Calcium, Himalayan Salt, Melatonin 5 and New Mood.

Total Human Optimization For those of you that want it all, this is the kit for you, perhaps too much to list, we will give it a go. This kit includes: Alpha Brain, New Mood, Shroom TECH Immune, Shroom TECH Sport, Coconut Oil, Coral Calcium, DigesTech, Hemp Force Bars, Hemp Force, Himalayan Salt, Kill Oil, Trilogy Butter, Spirulina, Organic Stevia, Strong Bone, Vitamin C and Trilogy Butter. With all of our discounts you will save almost $100 on the best Onnit has to offer.

Top of Your Game (Men) Stay young, active and health with the top of the game power pack. Incldues: Alpha Brain, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Krill Oil, Shroom Tech Sport, and T+ Natural Testosterone Booster.

Top of Your Game (Women) Top of your Game for women is the same package as the men’s just with Choco Free and EarthGrown Nutrients in place of the T+.

Immune Function Give your immune system the boost it needs with this power pack combination: DigesTech, EGN Powerfood, Shroom TECH Immune, and Vitamin C & Lysine.

Home Coffee Shop Take your morning cup of Joe to the next level with Onnit’s Home Coffee Shop Power Pack. Includes all of Onnit’s coffee related products, as well as two packages of Hemp Force. Hint… mix a little hemp force and coconut oil with your Bulletproof Coffee to go next-level coffee.

Complete Primal Function This is the perfect fitness equipment kit to get you started in primal training. This power pack includes a steel mace, battle ropes, ab wheel, and steel club. Everything you need to get started on primal training. If this is your first trip to Onnit, and you’re serious about a lifestyle change, we recommend grabbing this kit, the Total Human Optimization, then spending some serious time in the Onnit Academy.

Unconventional Training Gym This power pack is the Complete Primal Function kit with KettleBells and SteelBells. Everything you need to get your unconventional gym started.

onnit coupon code10% Off All Onnit Supplements & Foods
Save 10% off with our Onnit Coupon Code.