The Onnit Primal SteelBells are essentially Steel Shot stuffed into an all Neoprene sack. The SteelBells come in 10,20,30,40, or 50 pound sizes. Because the neoprene is super thick, the product is extremely durable. Because of it’s design, it’s geared more towards building explosive power, full-body stability and functional strength. While you can use these to do standard lifts, and build and tone muscle, the real beneficiaries of a product like Primal SteelBells are fighters, athletes and people looking to improve their functional strength.

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Our Personal Onnit Primal Steelbells Review

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our staff’s background, we are a small team that works together at day and works out together at night. We are based on Treasure Island in Florida, and all live a stones throw from the white sandy beaches here. With that in mind, a lot of what we do outside of the gym is crossfit training on the beach. We have dozens of workouts on the beach that include swimming, paddle boarding, sprinting, and various exercises that take advantage of these SteelBells. They are perfect for working out at home, the beach, the backyard, wherever, because they are so easy to transport, and durable enough to handle any surface or environment.

Cost Analysis
With a price range of $40-$150, the SteelBells are a relatively affordable piece of equipment. You’re getting such a versatile piece, that will revolutionize your workout, for basically the cost of a nice dumbbell. Most people we refer to the SteelBell are concerned about the shipping, and rightfully so, moving a $60 pound ball from Texas to Seattle isn’t easy. It’s actually a lot more affordable than you may think. The 60lb Bell ships for just under $20 via FedEx 3 day delivery, and with Onnit, 3 days means three days. Order on Monday and have it by Thursday, they don’t mess around.

Basic SteelBell Workout Ideas

One workout we love to use the SteelBell for can kind of be seen in the video above. It’s actually one we learned from a Men’s Fitness interview with Matthew McConaughey. What you do is a plank in the pushup position, keep your body flat, and crawl forward using only your ankles and arms. Move x body lengths while rotating arms to pull the SteelBell along with you one body length at a time. After x body lengths, stop and knock out 10 pushups, keep going until you collapse. Repeat.

We also use SteelBell in our various traditional lunges, slam drills, and in workouts that you would traditionally use a kettlebell for. In the video above you’ll see some constant motion workouts including wood chops, 360’s and rotations… these are all great in building that explosive, functional strength.

Primal SteelBells Coupon

Onnit does not currently offer a coupon code for gear or workout equipment.