Onnit Shroom Tech Immune Review

Onnit Shroom Tech Immune Review

onnit shroom tech immune supplement review 2016Onnit has two ‘Shroom’ based supplements known as Shroom TECH Sport and Shroom TECH Immune. Onnit’s goal when creating the Shroom Tech Immune product was to harness the natural immune boosting properties found in medicinal mushrooms to create a supplement that would provide a boost for your immune system. Nothing can guarantee that you don’t get sick, but Onnit isn’t making that promise, they are simply trying to stack the odds in your favor and help you improve your immune system enough to keep you healthier, longer. (To learn more about ShroomTECH Sport, read our Full ShroomTECH Sport Review.)

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What Shroom Tech Does:
The medicinal mushrooms used in Shroom Tech work together to enhance the production of killer T- and B-cells in your body. These cells are your body’s front line of defense to fight off and destroy threats to your immune system. You’re going to come into contact with viruses and bacteria, you can’t avoid that, but what you can do to avoid getting sick is strengthen your immune system, and that is exactly what Shroom Tech Immune does. Click here to view Onnit’s research data on the effects of the Reishi and Chaga mushrooms on the immune system.

Beyond the mushrooms, zinc and selenium are minerals that are proven to provide your immune system with a boost.

Our Experiment With Shroom Tech Immune:
I personally have been using Shroom Tech Immune as part of our supplement regimine for the past 60 days. While I would already consider my immune system to be pretty strong, and I don’t get sick often, I haven’t been sick in the 60 days that I have taken Shroom Tech Immune. I’ve noticed no side effects, and will obviously continue taking the supplement until I see lesser results.

Shroom Tech Immune Review of Expert Testimonials

“Shroom TECH Immune and New MOOD give me the relaxation and the protection I need after tough matches or exhausting workouts.”
Bernhard Wallner

“Tournaments and travel can be stressful on your body. It’s imperative to attend any event feeling your best and Immune secures the deal. All of our bodies are different (obviously) but I’ve yet to be ‘sick’ or ‘ill’ while taking this supplement.”
Tom Taylor

“My athletic season is very short, just a few months of winter, so staying strong and healthy is crucial. I have a 1st grader who brings home colds ever other week. Since using Onnit products like Shroom TECH Immune, I haven’t gotten sick or run down in months. Having seen what Onnit can do, I consider their products a necessity for my performance. Thanks guys…”
Kyle Clancy

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