Onnit Shroom TECH Sport Review

Onnit Shroom TECH Sport Review

onnit shroom tech sport reviewOnnit’s Shroom TECH Sport has become a favorite for top athletes around the United States. It is completely competition safe and like most of Onnit’s supplements, simply optimizes existing properties in your body to produce maximum results. Shroom TECH Sport is notorious for allowing athletes to have more endurance in training or competition. This is done through enhancing the body’s existing function of oxygen flow to muscles. Learn more in our full Shroom TECH Sport Review below and save big with our Shroom TECH Sport Coupon Code!

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Most energy supplements and drinks on the market are packed with stimulants that have negative effects on your body and generally wear-off with a crash. What the Onnit team set out to do with Shroom TECH Sport was to create a supplement that fought fatigue during intense workouts by essentially providing energy at a cellular level in your body. Shroom Tech Sport packs a perfect punch to keep you training longer and harder when your muscles are at optimal strain and being broken down. What’s even better though of course is the fact that there is no impending crash awaiting you as there is with so many other energy ‘stimulants’. If your looking to build muscle, a great combination is to utilize Shroom Tech Sport during your workout (breaking muscle down phase) and using Onnit’s Hemp Force in evening protein shakes to build your muscles back up.

Our Personal Shroom TECH Sport Review

personal shroom tech sport review
First off, I’m one month into my experiment with Shroom TECH Sport and can say without a doubt that it provides more endurance during intense workouts. I notice a significant boost in my energy levels throughout my workouts, and see no ‘crash’ once the boost wears off. I have also noticed less fatigue in general (after workouts) and that I’m able to sustain my workouts longer both with more reps and sets.

What’s equally as awesome though is the amount of energy and stamina I have during my regular work day. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to actually sit down at my desk and accomplish all my goals for the day. My perfect ‘business’ blend of Onnit supplements is 1 Shroom Tech Sport and 2 Alpha Brains after breakfast and before going to work Monday through Friday. I literally feel like I can conquer any daily business goal I have after taking these with a full breakfast. As opposed to being completely unfocused and constantly dragging at work, I have now become incredibly productive and am fully stocked up on Shroom Tech Sport as well as Alpha Brain. (Learn more about Alpha Brain in our full Alpha Brain Review.)

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Concerning workouts however, at 6’3″ and 200lbs, I’m taking three pills prior to each workout. Needless to say, Shroom TECH Sport is certainly on the expensive side for active users. Other than the price adding up over time, I’ve had no negative side effects from taking Shroom Tech Sport. I’ve made Shroom TECH Sport one of my monthly subscription via the Stay Onnit program as it is one of my favs. Of course, in my mind, my efficiency increase far outweighs the cost of ‘#StayingOnnit‘ with Shroom Tech Sport.

Other Popular Onnit Supplement Reviews:

All in all, the Onnit Team has really ‘out-done’ themselves with this product. By painstakingly researching natural remedies that provide lasting energy as well as increased oxygen flow to muscles and combining them into one easy to take capsule, they’ve truly managed to offer a game changing product in one simple supplement. The fact is, so many of us are used to purely stimulant based energy and rarely benefit from true natural ‘green’ energy. Not to mention the fact that most of us have never considered utilizing a supplement to increase oxygen flow, which frankly allow us to push longer and harder in our workouts. This is one of our favorite supplements that Onnit offers and we’ll be telling anyone who will listen or ‘read’ to give it a shot for themselves and be ready to order it in mass quantities, because your going to love the real effects that it will have during your workout or competitive event. While it’s completely safe for any athlete to take even on the day of competition, the true power of Shroom Tech Sport (like many of Onnit’s supplements) is uncovered when taking it consistently throughout the week, essentially spurring a long term lifestyle change. In the case of Shroom Tech Sport, it’s designed to increase your endurance and your ability to endure longer and more difficult reps in the gym.

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Shroom TECH Immune is another of Onnit’s mushroom based supplements. Shroom TECH Immune works to boost your immune system through a natural blend of ingredients. Similar to Onnit’s 180 drink mix, Shroom TECH Immune is a great ‘recovery’ supplement, whether it’s after a week of a less than healthy diet, fever or common cold, Shroom TECH Immune is a commonly overlooked supplement that is phenomenal at getting you back into an optimized state.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Supplement Overview

onnit shroom tech sport review

The Science Behind How Shroom TECH Sport Works:
First off, ATP or Adenosine triphosphate is your body’s biochemical way to store and use energy. Put very simply, when a cell has excess energy it is stored in ATP, when a cell needs energy it utilizes ATP by breaking the bond and releasing the energy stored. The way Shroom TECH Sport works is through increased ATP production, and improved oxygen use. The result is more stamina, less fatigue and more intense workouts.

The Ingredients Behind Shroom TECH Sport:
As with all of their products, Onnit has put a lot of time and money into sculpting the ingredients that go into Shroom TECH Sport. Each ingredient plays a role in reducing fatigue and providing energy. For us, the building blocks of this product are the Cordyceps mushroom, green tea extract and of course, B12.

CORDYCEPS SINENSIS – Cordyceps is rich in adenosine and cordycepic acid, and has been shown in studies to increase oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity, and cellular energy. A lot of people are familiar with cordyceps, but you should be well aware that many supplements on the market that contain the famous ‘shroom’ are producing significantly lower quality products. They spend little time sculpting a formula worth anything, and include cordyceps more as a ‘buzz word’ than the building blocks of quality supplement. Of course, we already know the time, money and care put into every Onnit recipe.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – Everyone is familiar with it’s effects on energy and metabolism, but recent studies have also shown green tea extract to protect against the neurotoxicity of excessive vital exertion.

RHODIOLA – The rhodiola root has shown in studies to stimulate the nervous system, improve work performance, lower fatigue and eliminate high altitude sickness.

METHYL B12 – This form of the famous energy rich Vitamin B is well known for it’s ability to modulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Meaning it gives you more control of when you’re either tired or awake and allows you to recover from late nights or long flights faster (for example).

Shroom TECH Sport Expert Testimonials

Onnit has dozens of testimonials from professional athletes, UFC fighters, nutritionalists and MD’s that agree that Shroom Tech Sport is the best natural fatigue fighting, energy providing supplment on the market. The common theme among all reviews is that the energy you get extends well beyond a game or workout, you will feel the increased energy and less fatigue even at your desk or while on the job site.

“Anytime I have a game or hard workout I take Shroom TECH Sport. It has been the most effective product I have taken for long cardiovascular workouts.”
Brian Cushing – All Pro Linebacker

“I wish I would have had this for my whole career. I can feel the positive interaction with my body.”
Bode Miller – USA Olympian

“Before every workout I make sure to take my Shroom TECH Sport. It gives me the endless energy and stamina that last long after I’m done. I will not leave home without it.”
AJ Hawk – Green Bay Packers

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