The Onnit Steel Mace is designed to give you real world strength exercises mostly intended for your upper body. Although, it is worth noting that the Onnit Steel Mace has been shown to help with establishing a firm athletic base or footing as well. At first glance, it may not appear as much, however, the Onnit Steel Mace is a phenomenal piece to add to your training regiments. When Onnit first launched this product, they actually called it the “Zombie Vaccine Dispenser”, which is pretty fitting actually. The number one best part about the Onnit Steel Mace is the fact that it has a rounded head as compared to a sledgehammer which does not. This makes it a much better option for slamming exercises, such as with the famous old large tire…

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Onnit Steel Mace Sizing

With more women and beginners getting into cross-fit training, Onnit recognized the need for smaller sizes in the steel mace line. On June 26th they sent out an email stating that they were proud to announce that there were now 7 and 10 pound maces available in addition to the 15, 20 and 25 pound sizes they already had. After personally working out with the 25 pound mace, it quickly became clear to me as to why Onnit decided to begin offering lower weights. While 25 pounds is not a lot of weight, the entire concept is to isolate certain real world muscles when exercising. Any farm boys out there who know a thing or two about sledgehammers etc will tell you that your crazy for example if you opted for a 25 pound sledgehammer for real world work. Thus, we quickly switched gears and began using the 10 pound mace.

onnit steel mace weightsHow do you know what size is right for you? That depends on your size, if your a giant for example, go for the 25 pound mace. If you are an averaged sized male, we suggest that you opt for the 10 pound mace.

A number of people like to start out with even smaller weights when possible. We noticed that newbies to this type of exercise liked to start out with the 7 pound mace. People feel more comfortable for example slamming the 7 pound mace against a tire when first starting out. The 7 pound may be plenty for your first dozen steel mace workouts, but eventually you will want to move to a higher weight. While there is a noticeable difference between the 10 and 20 pound maces, you can probably get away with working your way up to the 20 by starting out with the 10.

Our Personal Onnit Steel Mace Review

personal onnit steel mace review
I have a few Onnit Steel Maces, specifically the 7 pound, 10 pound and 20 pound. Out of all of Onnit’s unconventional training equipment, I find myself using these the most. I have recently been into circuit training and the Steel Mace provides plenty of real world exercise opportunities. As Aubrey shows in the video below, the top exercises are known as leverage curls, gravediggers, spartan jousting and of course tire slamming. Honestly, I don’t find myself using the mace for anything other than beating the hell out of a big tire. There’s just something about the simplicity of that exercise that is perfect. Not only can you reach real world muscles and increase grip, forearm, bicep, tricep, shoulder and chest strength, but it’s a phenomenal cardio workout as well!

Onnit Steel Mace Workouts

onnit steel mace workouts
There is a wide array of workouts that can be done with Onnit’s Steel Mace. Our most favorite ones are below. It’s also important to point out that most of these exercises will need to be done twice, one set for each side.

Leverage Curls – Here’s the deal, curling a 10 pound mace isn’t difficult. However, curling a 10 pound mace with both of your hands nearest the far end of the head of the mace is extremely difficult because you have to stabilize it. Do curls with the Steel Mace with varying hand position furthest from the head as possible.

Gravediggers – Your going to feel like a bit of a weirdo doing this exercise in any public gym. However, it’s a great cardio workout and has the ability to reach a wide range of muscles. It’s basically the same real wold act as shoveling dirt for example. Literally grab your Steel Mace and do the same motions as if you were digging a huge hole in the ground.

Sledgehammers – You’ll need a tire, preferably a large one for this exercise. This is the legendary sledgehammer exercise. You guessed it, you’ll grab your Onnit Steel Mace like a sledgehammer and start beating the hell out of your particular tire. As mentioned above, this is great for a wide range of muscles and even cardio.

A big tire does in fact work best. Sure you can slam the mace into a small tire and probably get away with it, but the height and flexibility of the tire gives you less shock and a more natural movement. Again, you want high intensity burst workouts to build real world / usable strength. Finding a big tire can be pretty easy, depending on where you live. You’ll want to find a nearby shop that sells tractor or large truck tires. Ask them if you can have or buy a used tire, and make sure you bring a truck. You can also check out CraigsList. A lot of guys that have an extra tire, or one they don’t use anymore will post it on CraigsList. If you can’t find a large flipping tire just use a standard tire you can find anywhere (like your backyard for example).

Onnit Steel Mace Expert Testimonials

“I didn’t know what I was missing until I finally wised up and purchased Onnit’s Steel Mace and got rid of my actual sledgehammer for these types of workouts!”
Joe Hall

“I half use this Mace to slaughter my tire out back and half have it in case of a zombie apocalypse…”
Rodney Gordon