stron bone review 2016Stron BONE and Joint from Onnit is a patented blend of nutrients that have been scientifically proven to increase bone strength and maintain healthy joints. The core ingredient in Stron BONE is Strontium, a mineral that naturally occurs in bones, and has recently been proven to promote bone health, strength and even growth. Beyond the Strontium, Onnit included a combination of additional nutrients, each which plays an important role in bone-development. Including: MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, and Gluosamine.

Strontium; More Than Calcium For Bone Strength

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In early studies, strontium, the key ingredient in the supplement Stron BONE has been proven to decrease your risk of fracture by over 41%. This is huge for anyone that enjoys adventure sports that carry greater risks of significant injury, fighters that want to have hands of steel, and really anyone that needs to or wants to strengthen their skeletal system.

For years we thought the only thing we could do to benefit our bones was to take calcium, finally we realize that there are other options.

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As middle aged (and aging…) men, what we love most about Stron BONE is the results we feel in our joints. Particularly for me, the results I feel in my knees. I play basketball 4 nights a week, and now that I am 30, I have found recovering and being able to play at a competitive level increasingly difficult. My knees, ankles and back just can’t recover as fast as they once did… In college I would play all day long then wake up and do it again the next day, and now I am lucky if I can play for 60 minutes on consecutive days. Stron BONE has changed that completely. I notice such an improvement in my joints, all over my body, and it has actually been quite a relief to know that I am also strengthening my bones and reducing the risk of a serious injury that would put me down for weeks.

Expert Onnit STRONBone Testimonials

“When I fractured my rib I took Stron BONE daily. Today it feels like it never happened.” – Roger Huerta

“I had nagging knee issues until I started taking Stron BONE. Now surf is back up!” – Whitney Miller

“As an athlete over 40, the Stron Bone and Joint support is a must for ensuring optimal joint health.” – Ken Blackburn

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