Total Primate Care Review

Total Primate Care Review

total primate care reviewIntroducing Total Primate Care by Onnit Labs, also affectionately known as ‘TPC’, the most economical friendly way to stay ‘Onnit Fit’ available. If you haven’t seen Onnit’s Total Primate Care then you may be wasting more time and money than you should be by ordering separate supplements every month. For those of you Onnit maniacs out there that are not signed up for the #StayOnnit Program, but want to find a way to save on your monthly Onnit purchases, you should seriously consider opting for the 30 day supply of Onnit Total Primate Care. Read our full Total Primate Care Review below to learn why it’s one of our favorite Onnit products and to be granted an Onnit Coupon Code for your next order.

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Love Onnit supplements but can’t afford to spend a fortune on individual products every month? Look no further than their Total Primate Care Packs! Sure, some of you solely use Alpha Brain (check out our Alpha Brain Review to learn more) or Shroom Tech or perhaps just one of the many other available supplements, but the vast majority of Onnit customers can greatly benefit from using Total Primate Care Packs both physically and financially.

TPC or Total Primate Care Packs is comprised of all the great Onnit Supplements you love in both a morning and evening pack. Onnit has taken the liberty to include the necessary supplements in the TPC morning pack to get your day kicked off on the right track, full of focus, energy and mental clarity.

Equally, Onnit’s TPC evening packs are designed to help wind your mind and body down in a healthy way in preparation for sleep, essentially rebooting your mind and body for yet another solid day of accomplishing goals. A member of our staff is a fantasy sports professional, and he relies on the Onnit products in TPC to keep him sharp. Learn more about DFS and get into the game with a DraftKings promo code from our friends at The Daily Audible. DFS is a great way to take advantage of the new found energy and clarity that TPC users enjoy.

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15 Day Total Primate Care Packs

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30 Day Total Primate Care Packs

Our Personal Total Primate Care Review

The bottom line for us is that these were all supplements that we were already taking, so Total Primate Care simply provided us with the same supplements at a better value. It is worth noting that the ’15 and or 30 day supply’ includes one Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech, so if you’re looking for more than one per day, you still need to order an additional bottle of each. Furthermore, we understand that not everyone likes taking a abundance of supplements all at once. We would make known that it’s certainly better to ease yourself into taking more supplements over time. For example, perhaps starting off with just taking two Alpha Brains in the morning and eventually graduating to Alpha Brains in the morning and New Mood in the evening. Over time, your body will get used to running at high levels and will desire more healthy ‘earth grown’ supplements offered by Onnit and more specifically, Total Primate Care Packs.

total primate care review by the fight foundry

Another way to consider TPC packs is a trial of all Onnit’s most popular supplements. If your already an overall healthy person and don’t think you need the full range of supplements that TPC packs offers, you can certainly pick the individual supplement that you fall in love with. Many people find that they absolutely love Alpha Brain, New Mood and the nutritional advantage of Spirulina and Chlorella after taking TPC packs regularly. These people (like us) end up always having a steady supply of their favorite supplements on hand that they in turn use everyday.

We get it, keeping your Onnit cabinet filled can be relatively expensive. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t compare Onnit products to random store bought supplements though. Onnit’s products are organic, sustainably harvested and of course comprised of a unique formula that you won’t find anywhere else on earth. It’s really hard to find an apples-to-apples comparison, which makes it hard for customers to understand why Onnit products are so expensive. However, the quality that Onnit offers is unmatched and is well worth the premium rate. Essentially, Onnit Total Primate Care Day and Night Packs are groups of the most popular Onnit products that ultimately save you money while getting you products that work together to achieve total human optimization each and every day.

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Additionally we were reluctant to buy the Strontium Bone Supplement or,’Stron BONE’, but after taking it with Total Primate Care, we are hooked. I felt a major difference in my joints almost immediately (which is a big deal, being in our 30’s and trying to keep up with the kids on the basketball court). So, if you haven’t tried all of Onnit’s supplements, we strongly recommend giving Total Primate Care a shot as it provides you with an opportunity to test all of Onnit’s Supplements at a significantly discounted rate. You might just find one that you soon can’t live without.

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Onnit Total Primate Care Review for Monthly Savings

total primate care cost savings reviewPerhaps even more importantly, Onnit’s Total Primate Care Packs are built to save you money. In fact, by using TPC packs, you’ll save on average nearly 50% compared to purchasing all the same great supplements individually. The savings that Total Primate Care packs offer may even get you started on a new Onnit supplement that you didn’t even know how beneficial it was to your daily consumption. For example, Calcium Pills, Krill Oil, Ston Bone and even New Mood may not be the most interesting of supplements but they each offer amazing health benefits that you’d never try or buy individually.

Essentially, by using Total Primate Care packs you’ll be spending $109 as compared to spending nearly $200 on each product individually, which again is right around 50% in savings every single month. So where in the past you may have taken a generic one a day multivitamin of sorts, with TPC you now have the ability to replace it with some of the most popular earth grown Onnit supplements that target specific areas of your body to keep you running at optimal efficiency.

Total Primate Care Review of Ingredients

Onnit Total Primate Care packs include a day pack and a night pack to provide a full spectrum of supplemental nutrition. Again, these packs essentially act as premium multivitamins, as well as provide you with the coveted Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, Shroom Tech Immune, New Mood, Stron Bone, Spirulina & Chlorella supplements.

Onnit Total Primate Care Pack Contents
what is in onnit total primate care packs

Total Primate Care Day Pack Contents: Stron BONE | Shroom TECH Immune | Alpha BRAIN | Shroom TECH Sport | Spirulina & Chlorella x2 | Krill Oil

Total Primate Care Night Pack Contents: New Mood | ViruTech | Shroom TECH Immune | Coral Calcium | Spirulina & Chlorella x2 | Krill Oil

Onnit Total Primate Care Supplement Functions:

Stron BONE – Stron Bone is a strontium bone supplements designed to strengthen your bones and smooth out your joints.

Shroom Tech Immune – Shroom Tech Immune is designed to stimulate a positive immune system both pre and post sickness.

Alpha Brain – Alpha Brain is a nootropic that essentially enhances your brain by stimulating functional neurotransmitters.

Shroom Tech Sport – Shroom Tech Sport is designed to improve your muscle endurance and stamina as well as help the body recover faster.

Spirulina & Chlorella – Spirulina & Chlorella are basically all the wonderful green nutrients that you never feel like eating in real food.

Krill Oil – Krill Oil is that healthy stuff that most people who nutritionally eat seafood for in the first place.

ViruTech – Made with Vitamin C, which is self explanatory, great for your immune system and lysine is used to reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase athletic performance.

Coral Calcium – Coral Calcium has been proven to improve skeletal and circulatory systems as well as overall human health.

Onnit’s Total Primate Care is ‘bar-none’, the best value in the supplement industry today!

Total Primate Care Reviews & Testimonials

“I absolutely love the TPC. I get a comprehensive range of all natural nutrients, all in two super convenient day/night packets. A must for dedicated athletes, or anyone wanting to improve their daily health.”
Denis Kang

“With Total Primate Care, I feel like I’m getting the EXACT amount of nutrient sourced ingredients. The morning packs makes me feel like I’m completely optimized for the challenges of the day, both mental and physical. While the night packs set me up for deep restful sleep. Now that I’ve been using the TPC regime, its hard for to to picture my day to day without it. GET ON THIS PROGRAM!!”
Nathan Dearaujo

“With TPC, it’s awesome, because you don’t have to think about it. You just open up the day pack, go along with your day… As a mother and a fighter, that’s definitely something you need, is that convenience.”
Michelle Waterson

“After searching for Onnit Total Primate Care on Amazon only to find that it was consistently out of stock, I was more than happy to finally see that Onnit finally replenished their supply. I’ve ordered a 30 day supply and signed up for the #stayonnit program, so I never have to be without my favorite supplements again.”
Douglass Morris

Total Primate Care Review Summary

total primate care review summary
Onnit’s ‘Total Primate Care’ has become the staple of our everyday diet. We of course love a ton of what Onnit has to offer in terms of foods and supplements, but it’s worth pointing out that we started using Total Primate Care before using any other Onnit product and we still use it to this day. Our favorite aspect of Onnit Total Primate Care is the fact that it encompasses all of Onnit’s greatest supplements in 2 simple packs (a day pack and a night pack). Therefore, rather than fumble through a medicine cabinet of 20 different pill bottles, you have 2 simple packs to deal with everyday. When not using Total Primate Care, we notice ‘drifting off’ or frankly not being as focused as we’ve come used to when using it. Recently, the price of the 15 day and 30 day supply has increased, but the change is very small and the benefits of using it consistently far outweigh the incremental increase. (Don’t tell Onnit, but we’d be happy to pay double what they currently charge.)

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Our Onnit Total Primate Care Coupon Code will save you 10% off all Onnit supplements at checkout. When used it on Total Primate Care, it essentially makes a great deal an unbelievable one! You can get a 30 day supply of all of you Onnit Supplements for under $100!

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