Introducing Onnit Zombie Bells

You can consider this review a review of all three kettle bell product lines Onnit offers. I started my Onnit fitness gear collection with a pair of Chimp 36lb bells. I ordered these beautiful kettles when the Zombie line first came out. Mine was one of the first Zombie orders filled, and I received my Ghostface Thrilla about a week after they came out. Like the primal and standard lines, the zombie kettle looked amazing, is forged from chip-resistant iron, and, of course, is perfectly balanced. I had read that they claimed these were perfectly balanced, but until I received mine, didn’t quite get how much attention to detail went into these. They look amazing, and despite all of the little details, when you are working out with Onnit Zombie Kettlebells it obviously feels no different than a standard ones, they just look incredible!

You’re going to love including Kettlebells in your workouts, and will love having these bells around. The look adds some variety to your weight room and the functionality will add variety to your workout routine. Check out this Men’s Health article for some great Kettlebell workout ideas.

Beyond the bells, we actually just got our first round of apocalypse gear… just a few of their t-shirts. The fit and look are as amazing as the bells themselves. Also, the bells work awesome as an anchor for the Onnit Battle Ropes.

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Expert Testimonial – Ken Blackburn of IKFCC
Ken Blackburn is a professional Kettlebell athlete, and he recently tested out the new Onnit Zombie Kettlebells. He described them as being completely functional and perfect for workouts and sets.