Onnit’s Ultimate Grocery Guide with Mike Dolce

Through the Onnit Academy, we already know Onnit is committed to providing their customers with as much knowledge as possible. They have also taken the time to work with dietician Mike Dolce to create a resource known as the Ultimate Grocery Guide. Mike Dolce, the well known creator of the Dolce Diet, is the is one of the best known nutritionalists and works with premier athletes around the world. In the MMA world Dolce is well known for his ability to sculpt diets and get his fighters under weight and in the best shape prior to their fights.

One view of the videos on the Ultimate Grocery guide page will tell you all you need to know about Dolce’s beliefs. He likes his athletes to eat organic, hormone free high nutrient foods that are easy to digest. He doesn’t believe in eating any chips, soda, dairy or heavily processed foods. As for meats, he prefers grass fed animals that are from as close to their natural environment as possible.

For more information about Dolce or his programs, check out his best selling books including Living Lean, the Weight Cut Bible and 3 Weeks to Shredded. Beyond that, he has a series of videos on Onnit’s website, known as the Ultimate Grocery Guide. He walks you through what to look for in each section of the grocery store and what to stay away from. Don’t expect anything earth changing, the fundamentals of a great diet are straight forward: organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed meat, no processed foods, minimum amounts of sugar, and foods that can easily be digested.

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