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ufc fight night logoBig Foot VS Arlovski
UFC Fight Night, Saturday September 13th
ufc fight night logoHunt VS Nelson
UFC Fight Night, Saturday September 20th
ufc fight night logoJury VS Gomi
UFC Fight Night, Saturday September 20th
ufc 178Johnson VS Cariaso
UFC 178, Saturday September 27th
ufc 178Cerrone VS Alvarez
UFC 178, Saturday September 27th
ufc 178Poirier VS McGregor
UFC 178, Saturday September 27th
ufc 178Cruz VS Mizugaki
UFC 178, Saturday September 27th

Recent Shakeups in UFC Fighter Rankings

arial view of ufc octagon
It’s been quite an atypical year in the UFC so far in 2014. From huge upsets and fighter injuries to legends finally hanging up their gloves and retiring from the octagon. While Dana White isn’t exactly a proponent of official fighter rankings per weight class, he obviously understands their importance of building fights and essentially weight classes. The problem with fighter rankings is the grey area after the top 5. We all know how anything can happen inside the octagon and anyone (including Anderson Silva) can fall at any given time. Thus, determining rankings 6-15 or 20 deep in some weight classes is mostly nearly uncomfortably based on popularity. Without diving into per weight class rankings, the pound for pound biggest change-ups in the UFC rankings in our opinion this year have been TJ Dillashaw’s & Johnny Hendrick’s rise as well as the fall of Anderson Silva & Renon Barao.

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Ben Rothwell KO’s Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem loses
It’s pretty safe t say that absolutely nobody including Ben, (except for maybe Ben’s mom) had him winning this fight against the monster that is Alistair Overeem. However, Ben showed a complete disregard for reserving his energy or holding back. After the fight in his post fight interview, Ben mentioned the immense amount of confidence that he felt throughout the fight. Usually words like confidence in the octagon are just that, words. However, Ben Rothwell truly displayed a Mount Everest amount of will and confidence in his early KO of the often feared Alistair Overeem. One can certainly question the overall mental health of Ben Rothwell (maybe he’s just developed a unique personality in coping with fear in fighting inside the octagon) we definitely can’t question the way he handles what was one of the top fighters in the heavy weight division. Well done Ben and hopefully your newly found confidence will carry into gaining new skills and new wins as you continue to climb the divisional rankings. Alistair on the other hand, is in quite a uniquely desperate position. After so many problems with drug testing over the past 2 years, he is finally clean and it’s is very apparent in his physique compared to the muscle bound image that he’s known for. However, as fight fans, we love that your clean and we love that you’ve finally truly been humbled. Alistair, your a beast and we hope that you continue to stay clean and rise back to the top of the rankings. With such an obvious kick boxing and tai talent, it would be a shame to not make another run at the title.

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Woman’s Ultimate Fighter Straw-Weights Hype

new women's ultimate fighter
When it come to women in the UFC, we frankly all have opinions. Since the Zuffa takeover of the UFC there perhaps has not been a more polarizing subject. (Half way bound subject at least, opponents would probably ridiculously try to make a claim for fighter pay.) If your still on the fence or not sure how you feel about women fighting int he UFC, I have a name for you to research and it’s Ronda Rousey. Ronda single handedly convinced not only convinced the UFC but most of the UFC Fan Base that women do actually belong in the UFC and have an incredible amount of talent to display inside the Octagon. The recent trouble however in the recent emergence of women fighting in the UFC is finding enough of them that are talented enough to compete. It’s important to remember that creating new weight classes and entire divisions take an incredible amount of time and effort to do effectively. There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding the newest Ultimate Fighter show based around women in the straw-weight class. I must say, if it even comes close to matching all of the insider hype surrounding it, it is sure to have a few new faces rise to the top and feature a few main cards, finally helping Ronda Rousey’s mission to stamp women firmly into the UFC. Oh, and at the end of it, we get to watch ‘Showtime Pettis’ defend his title again. The new women’s Ultimate Fighter can be seen on Fox Sports 1 every Wednesday.

Recent String of UFC Injuries & Cancellations

jon jones ufc injuries
The absolutely most talked about subject surrounding the UFC as of late has been the crazy string of cancellations due to fighter injuries and or illnesses. Again, everyone seems to have an opinion on this subject and we aren’t any better. However, in our opinion, such a subject seems like a good problem to have. Essentially, it’s a problem of people wanting more fights. Even if opponents say no, they want less fights but more quality cards, relax, you’ll still get plenty of quality big fights throughout the year, especially compared to years of old when one would be lucky to see 2 or 3 good big fights per year. The bottom line is that the UFC is still incredibly young and the organization and fighters alike are still trying to better figure out how to maximize every aspect of the sport. At a minimum however, it would seem that there are simple solutions to help minimize the amount of cancellations. For example, with every official UFC main card, should be backup fights in place, perhaps of the same possible magnitude. Perhaps more stringent rules need to be placed on fighters once they are contracted, including training techniques etc that would help to limit injuries. Certainly, small things can be implemented to help what is naturally a very demanding and injury prone sport. I’ll be sure to add to this section in coming days after careful consideration.

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