By now you probably know that coconut is all the rave… If not, now you know. It’s delicious, creamy and will provide you with pure energy. It has been proven to be an essential part of any healthy weight loss program. We cook with it, use it on our skin and hair, and, of course, use it in our shakes.

Organic and natural is the best way to go with any product, and that includes coconut oil. Onnit buys their coconuts from the rich soil of the Philippines, where they are pressed and the oil and nutrients are extracted. The entire harvesting process is sustainable, and, thus the end product is not only great for you but great for our planet.

A quick bit of research on Onnit’s Coconut Oil will turn up that everyone that tries it, loves it. The taste is amazing, shipping is crazy fast, and the product is organic and sustainable. It’s a five star product on Google, Amazon, and in the opinion of everyone that has written reviews on social and blogging platforms.

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