What is #StayOnnit

Essentially Onnit’s #StayOnnit program is set up to take the hassle out of having to get online every 15-30 days and order your next round of Onnit’s supplements. By signing up for StayOnnit, you are guaranteed to have the product shipped to you at the interval of your choice, for the best available price. There is no contract to sign up for the program, cancel or suspend the subscription anytime you want.

For a complete list of products that are available in the program and the program’s terms and conditions, head over to the Stay Onnit page.

In addition to receiving the added convenience of knowing you will receive your products each month, you will receive 20% off your first order of that product. Just another incentive to #StayOnnit…

What products are available to the #StayOnnit program?
Almost all of the foods and supplements on Onnit.Com are available for the #StayOnnit program, with the exception of products that are currently out of stock. Obviously if a product goes out of stock while you have an active subscription you will receive an email and the product won’t be billed or shipped for that installment.

Can the 20% discount be combined with our coupon codes?
As of the time we are writing this article it can. You will simply see the 20% discount for your first order in your cart, and you will still have the option to enter a coupon code in the box to the left of the totals. Once you apply your coupon code you will see an additional 10% come off from your total. Use the coupon code below to take advantage of that 10% savings. We have additional coupon codes available on our home page, but the 10% off deal is currently the best promotion Onnit is running.

[columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”]
[column]onnit coupon code logo10% Off Onnit Coupon Code
Save 10% off your Onnit Order.[/column]


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